Sunday, August 17, 2008

Mellowing out in the Garden

Today was a day for the record books: clear blue sky, no humidy, a gentle breeze. Yes the weather patterns have changed in the NE. We are supposed to have a long stretch of sunny non-humid days. There is just one day predicted to have rain in the 10 day forecast and that is just scattered thunder showers. I'm dancing right now. I know in the future I'll grump since I'll have to water if we really get 10 days without any rain, but for now I'm going to celebrate the wonderful weather.

This morning was perfect. I was out turning the compost at 7:30 in the morning. I'm the only fool to get up that early on a Sunday morning, but I really love it out there all by myself. There were no sounds of construction equipment (since it is Sunday, they start at 7am all other days); no one else is out in their yard mowing the lawn; it was just me and the birds. The birds were singing gloriously this sunny morning. I think they like the weather too.

Now most people think that turning the compost is a chore, but not me. I love it. I think about all the wonderful food for my plants that I'm making and I smile. I can even lower my blood pressure when I close my eyes and think about it - especially when I think about turning it into my garden. Lowering my blood pressure is always a good thing. I have controlled high blood pressure, which my friends think is strange since I'm a really mellow person.

But my garden does wonders for my blood pressure. Every summer my doctor thinks about taking me off my medication since it gets low. It might be working in the garden that does it, but more likely it is eating from the garden. Someone has to eat all this produce and I do my best. Yesterday's lunch was eggplant and zucchini curry. Yumm. Even my son was looking to see what I made since it smelled so good. Then he saw it was a pile of veggies and decided that it was ok that he couldn't eat it (he just had his wisdom teeth pulled and can't chew yet). The garden definitely makes me eat better than I usually do.

Today I won't eat my lunch from the garden. I have a bbq to go to this afternoon, then my brother is in town and wants to go eat Chinese (we have great Chinese food in Winchester). But I did make a three bean salad with beans from the garden, so I'll bring that to the bbq. I really contemplated zucchini bread, but I've been enjoying it every day for breakfast, and am not willing to give that away yet. Soon I'll get tired of it.


  1. No, you are not the only fool turning compost at 7:30 on a Sun. morning! We were out walking the dog before 7 and watering and weeding shortly after 7:30. We saw the hummers feeding this morning--it pays to be up before the rest of the world. They were at their prefered plant--the black & blue salvia.

  2. I also am in love with my compost pile!

  3. That's how I feel about the garden too, it's my stress reliever. I love getting up early when everyone else is sleeping and go take care of the garden. It's my joy!

  4. We let our worms do our composting... but I know what you mean. I am usually up that early on the weekends watering the garden, picking berries or just sitting in the middle of the Jungle breathing in the green air.

    We're right there with ya!

  5. I think my garden has been my sanity this year--even the compost pile.

    I'm not up early and I ignore it more than work in it, but every time I take out a load of laundry for the line I while away some time examining tomatoes or looking under squash leaves for the blooms.

    With my son's illness it really gives me a lot of peace to be able to go out there and see so much growth.

  6. UGH! I hate turning the compost, LOL, it's my husbands job and he adores it. Come to think of it, he's quite obsessed! LOL!

  7. It is nice to see so many people as crazy as I am. I really do think mornings are the best time in the garden - at least in the summer. I'm sure when it gets cold you'll have a hard time finding me out at the coldest time, but for now it is perfect.