Monday, September 27, 2010

Harvest Monday - 27 September 2010

Tuesdays Harvest

Bok Choy thinnings were tasty

Will not be added to the tally until they ripen

Chard and cherry tomatoes

The first of the turnips

Didn't the radishes grow really funky? For some reason they started on top of the soil when they first came up. I swear I buried the seed well. I pulled all of the French Breakfast radishes that I had growing as they had all sized up. They were a bit on the hot side, but great mixed into a cucumber salad. I've planted more seed, but doubt they will produce before our freezes come. But it never hurts to try.

In addition a lot of basil was picked, but I never took photos and never weighed them. Unless I'm putting herbs up this is pretty typical.

Shrimp with Tomato Orange Salsa and Radish and Cucumber Salad

And I promised a photo of the dinner I made for my SIL and BIL. I, of course, forgot to take a photo on the day. So on Sunday when I was eating the leftovers I took a photo of that. The tomatoes were mushy and the radish color had bled into the center of the radish. So it wasn't nearly as pretty, but still tasty. Not showing was the black bean soup.

  • Cucurbits 2.62 lbs
  • Greens 1.18 lbs
  • Peppers 0.11 lbs
  • Turnip and Radish 0.53 lbs
  • Tomato 9.39 lbs lbs
  • Spent this week: $0
  • Total harvested this week 13.82 lbs
  • Total for the year 284.94 lbs
  • 2010 Tally $884.68

Harvest Monday is a day to show off your harvests, how you are saving your harvest, or how you are using your harvest. If you have a harvest you want to show off, add your name and link to Mr Linky below.


  1. I am still amazed by how much deliciousness you grow in your urban garden! How did you cook the shrimp? It looks yummy!

  2. That Bok Choy looks good. I just sowed some seed here last week. It's nice to have those warm and cool season vegetables at the same time!

  3. What a great fall harvest! I'm very impressed with your bok choy thinnings, because all my asian greens can't seem to survive the constant attack of the cabbage worms. Do you have any problems with them in your area? It sure doesn't seem like it from the look of those healthy leaves!

  4. Lovely harvests. I'm surprised that you are still getting zucchini. Most of my plants succumbed over a month ago. Two have pulled through and I might get one more before frost. We're already over due for that frost. I'll take every day I can get :)

  5. Bok choy thinnings are one of my favorite things at the moment. I'm glad you sowed more radishes! I really think there is still enough time. Last year, I sowed some at the end of September. They didn't look like they were doing much as the leaves never got very big but upon closer inspection, we had very mild mini radishes in November.

  6. I love the radishes. They look so neat growing like that. That dinner looks amazing!

  7. Oh, yumm! I love Harvest Monday, it is so inspiring me to get out and garden, and cook!


  8. Funky radishes! The dinner looks delicious even when it was the leftovers version. Your tomato bounty is still going strong.

  9. What beautiful pictures! I love those squash.

  10. Daphne, your harvests are amazing! And your plate of food looks so good! Your radishes certainly grew quickly. Nice to have before winter sets in.

  11. Ali, It as sauteed in some olive oil and coated with a spice mix.

    villager, It is nice. We have hot and cold days now too, so it is nice to be able to have salads and soups.

    thyme2garden, Oh yes I have problems with them. That is why I always grow them under a row cover. It takes care of the root maggots too and the flea beetles. Slugs still get under, but this has been the first relatively slug free year that I remember. Though I did get a really good photo of a huge slug (three inches long) the other day. I find the big ones ugly but fascinating.

    Emily, And I have about three more I have to pick today on the plant. One plant really died out but this one has picked up steam as the weather has cooled down. It was really attacked badly by the SVBs but still it lives. It is amazing.

    Thomas, I hope I get to harvest them. It would be nice. I sowed some more turnips at the same time so hopefully they will get big enough to eat too. These are all with the Asian greens so are under a row cover which ought to help them live a couple extra weeks in the fall.

    The Mom, they are interesting. I've just never had my radishes grow like that before. They always have a tiny part above the soil, but never half the radish.

    Mary, It is.

    kitsapFG, Right now I just have two tomatoes (technically three, but the Chocolate Cherry is really dead). I hope I still get a good harvest this coming week. I love tomatoes.

    Ribbit thanks

    Martha, thanks

  12. Daphne, your harvests are amazing. I can't believe how quickly your radishes came up. And that salad of yours looked darn good, not to mention the rest of the goodies on that plate.

  13. I wrote a comment and then got an error message...ahh. So, nice harvest week for you Daphne!

  14. At least there is radish on the ends of yours, that's more than I'm getting. I don't know why I can't grow radishes here, I can grow them just fine in AZ.

    That shrimp looks delish. Need recipe!

  15. Your tomatoes are beautiful! I've had radishes grow like that also, the long icicle types seem to like to do that. No harvest to report this week, I'll be doing a catch-up harvest report later.

  16. Linking up. I always forget to leave my comment, so here it is! I'll be back to read your harvest - but WOW those pics r making me hungry!

  17. Your harvests are always so abundant. You are managing to get a lot of veggies even if the season is winding down in your area.

    I am a bit jealous of your nice greens. The heat, the aphids and the ants did mine in. I am just seeding another batch. Hopefully they will turn out as nice as yours :-)

  18. The shrimp dish with tomato orange salsa and salad look delicious! I didn't have much luck with my first planting of Bok Choy. Yours look lovely.

  19. Ooops, service unavailable, try again.

    Very nice varied harvest, both cool and warm crops together. It's nice to see bok choy back on the menu again.

    Your dinner look delicious(drooling).

  20. Lovely harvest and nice looking dinner!

  21. I'm with granny. I don't even have radishes at the end of mine. i like the shapes . Chard and bok choy look good. Do green tomatoes gain weight when they ripen indoors? haha! Just add them to the tally now.

  22. What a beautiful fall harvest picture!! (The first pic) Did you ever make green tomato jelly?? It is great! If your interested in the recipe, let me know.

  23. What an impressive harvest for this week. That dinner looks delicious.

  24. Things have really slowed down but I'm still harvesting what I can here and there. My 3 little bush bean plants are doing great though!

  25. Shawn Ann, I know. Blogger is being a PITA recently with their not available messages. I wish they would fix their issue.

    Annie's Granny, lol yes there is a radish. I couldn't do that in my old garden. If I grew a radish outside of a row cover it wouldn't grow. But here I seem to be able to get them and turnips to grow without one. Well the spice recipe that I covered them with is here. The salsa recipe is here.

  26. Michelle, I didn't even plant my icicle radishes this time. I had trouble finding the seeds. It turns out I put them on top of the fridge for some reason. At the old house I knew all the spots where things should go, so far I don't yet for this house.

    Barbie, Well the link is the important one. The comments are so totally not necessary for Harvest Mondays. It's all about the veggies.

    Angela, I'm surprised too. It is just because the summer veggies won't stop. I don't have all that many fall veggies this year (I'm really missing the broccoli and Chinese cabbage, oh and the carrots I've been missing all year long). You might be missing the green, but your summer veggies are doing very well.

    GrafixMuse, thanks. I was happy it did as well as it did. I've been neglecting the garden as I have trouble getting to it when the landscape workers are here.

    mac, I love bok choy being on the menu again. I really missed it. Usually I have some type of Asian green going over the summer, but not this year. Next year I will again.

    Funkbunny, thanks

    johanna, no they don't gain weight. But sometimes they don't ripen, instead they rot first or get all dried out and wrinkly. So I wait until I'm sure they are really "harvestable".

    Robin, no I've never made anything from green tomatoes. They always seem so inedible to me. I have a neighbor that makes picalilli, but not me.

  27. UR Farmer, thanks

    Fred, I'm shocked I'm still over 10lbs for this week. But I have no beans anymore. It is so sad. I liked my one meal a week from them. Enjoy yours.

    Dan, thanks

  28. I like the topsy turvy radishes though I don't grow radishes except as prophylaxis for my squash or to mark rows.

    The first harvest picture gleams with goodness.

  29. Ewww, a three-inch slug? Good thing you didn't put it on top of that lovely basket of tomatoes and squash for a photo. On second thought, that would look really funny. You got a great harvest for the end of September. I managed to get 14 lbs of produce last week from my tiny urban garden. Yesterday was the hottest day on record ever for Los Angeles, and my tomatoes are ripening right and left.

  30. Finally getting around to reading blogs and commenting... What a nicely varied harvest. And good-looking radishes, even if they did grow funky :)

  31. I'm late but I hated to miss another week. Your harvest continues to amaze me. And the shrimp dish... YUMMO!!

  32. Ottawa Gardener, I'm a radish lover. I really like the taste. It reminds me a bit of mushrooms. So I grow them when I can, which means spring and fall.

    Lou, lol I don't think I'd let it get near my tomatoes. I hope you are keeping cool enough in that heat.

    foodgardenkitchen, they tasted pretty good so I won't complain. They were a bit hot, but considering the weather we have had, they aren't bad at all.

    debiclegg, thanks