Friday, June 20, 2014

Bad Sprinkler

Yesterday was the first day I watered the garden as a whole. I put a big sprinkler on top of an upside down trash can (to get over the foliage). Sadly I did not remember that I NEED to put bricks on the side to keep it up there. When I found it on its side, the onions had been dug up.

But did I learn my lesson. Oh no I did not. I put one brick to keep it from falling on that side and it fell on the other digging up some carrots. I repaired the onions as best I could. But I harvested the carrots. They are Mokum carrots and nicely sweet.

The peas have started to come in so I've started to eat them. I haven't tried them since taking all the legumes out of my diet. I hope I don't get sick on them. I so love snap peas.


  1. Your vegetables look so tasty even when the sprinkler goes awry.

    I was setting up sprinklers and caused the standpipe for the in-ground faucet to come apart at a connection. A geyser erupted right in my face. Fortunately there was nobody around to hear my screams and see my antics trying to first get away and then crawl back to turn off the water. At least it was cold water; felt good.

  2. This sprinkler thing is something I would do too! At least the carrots were an edible mistake :).

  3. You are not alone Daphne, I have done the same thing with the sprinkler. Good luck with introducing peas back into your diet.

  4. Well, the water from the sprinkler has demonstrated that those onions have a pretty impressive root system! I expect they will recover.

  5. Yum - sugar snaps..can't wait for them to start around here. And those carrots look so good! Had that happened to mine I would likely be saying bye bye carrots as they are still teeny tiny.