Thursday, October 1, 2015

New Harvest Monday Host

Dave of Our Happy Acres will be the new host. Dave has been a regular on Harvest Monday since 2012. He grows a lot of interesting vegetables and varieties. This year I'm growing Thai Rai Kaw Tok squash because of how he described it. And I can't wait to try my first bite. He is always informative and fun to read. He will make a great host. So come Monday head on over there to link up.

And I just couldn't resist. I harvested my sweet potatoes on Tuesday. Do you remember the experiment where I used mycorrhizae as a soil amendment? It seemed to help my corn a bit, but not a lot. The piles on the left side are with the amendment. On the right is without. I don't see much of a difference if at all. The difference I do see is large piles (each pile represents a single plant) on the sides. The sides are where there is a lot of brick paving. So the biggest difference is which ones get more heat. Those were the ones that grew bigger, especially the ones at the corners.

Mostly the Purple grew into large tubers, but the above Garnet got pretty big too. Mostly the Garnet set a lot of tubers and some grew huge and some didn't. Almost all the Purples grew huge.

Purple top, Garnet bottom

All in all it was 61 pounds, split about half and half. Though I had more Purple plants, the Garnets got the good spot near the paving, so it evened out. 61 pounds is huge. Last year I got 42 pounds. Sadly though there is some insect damage, so I'll have to cut around that when using it. But still a wonderful harvest. I'll be curing them for a few weeks before I use them. I can't wait to eat sweet potatoes again.