Monday, September 8, 2008

Carrot Thinnings

My carrots are slowly getting bigger. They have been in the ground for about two months. I wanted to see how big they were getting. This was a good excuse to thin out the ones that were a bit too close together. I thinned three of them. It looks like they have a few weeks more before they will be full size.

I used my hand as a measurement in the photo. When stretched out the tip of my index finger and the tip of my thumb are 6" apart. If I use my thumb and middle finger the measurement would be 8". It is a very useful ruler I always have with me in the garden when planting. That and my trowel which is 12" long.

The carrots taste intensly carroty, but they aren't very sweet yet. They have been growing mostly in the heat. As it cools I'm hoping they get sweeter, but if not they would still make great cooking carrots.

Then I had to deal with my zucchini and yellow squash that is still sitting in the frige. I haven't been eating it recently as I've been busy eating tomatoes and eggplant. So I decided to grate it all and freeze it. It was a total of 5 cups of grated squash. I found that my favorite way to eat squash is grated, either in zucchini bread or soups and stews. Though I find the taste of it just ok by itself, I love the body and subtle flavor it lends to stews and bean dishes.


  1. We're rather fond of zucchini halved lengthwise, brushed with a bit of olive oil, sprinkled with a bit of salt, and slowly grilled.


  2. Hola, te invito a hacer un test de agilidad mental en mi blog cuando tengas ganas, en la parte de los comentarios tenes varios ejemplos de como hacerlo, un abrazo.

  3. Proud you have the guts to thin! The soup or zucchini bread sounds really good too.

  4. kd: I've never tried grilling it before.

    Luis: Since I don't speak Spanish, just reading the comment was enough of test of mental agility.

    dp: I love the zucchini bread. I was eating it every morning for breakfast. I've switched back to cereal now that my raspberries are in though.