Thursday, September 11, 2008


I really shouldn't read so many blogs. I confess that I don't often comment, but I read a dang lot of them. They make me want to try out so many different things in my garden. One of my favorite blogs is Cynthia's, Brambleberries in the Rain (don't you LOVE that name?). We live on opposite sides of the US and our zones are quite different, but somehow our gardens tend to be in sync. For instance, recently we have both had an unprecedented rain of frogs. Or it could be because after reading her blog I want to buy things. Orange mint comes to mind. I'll blame her when it takes over my garden. Anyway I digress.

Recently she was writing about taking cuttings to root. So she had me thinking. My 'hardy' rosemary is not really hardy here despite what the tag says. I could take cuttings and guarantee that I won't have to buy another plant next year. And my basils. I have seed for both the regular basil and the lemon basil, but not for the Thai basil. I should take cuttings and save the plant over the winter.

Basil is really easy to root. I take 'cuttings' all the time unintentionally. I cut some off to keep in my kitchen so it is right at hand whenever I need it. I keep it in a glass jar with water. They always root if left in their long enough. Even the ones that are flowering will root, though not as well. So I figure all the basils ought to be easy. Yes I didn't just take cuttings of the Thai basil, but I took cuttings of them all.

I took three cuttings of my rosemary. I'm not sure if it roots best on hard or soft stems, so I took one cutting from a new branch, one from an old branch, and one from one that was inbetween. Then I put them in a mix of perlite and my seed starting soil. and covered them with a bag.

I hope they live. I have a tendancy to kill houseplants nowadays. I forget to water them. Currently my only houseplant is an aloe that can survive lack of water for months.


  1. I love Cynthia's blog too. She has great ideas. Good for you on the rootings, you'll be happy next year that you saved some money. I don't have houseplants either, my garden outside takes up all my spare time. :)

  2. Well Daphne, both you and Perennialgardener above just made my day!! I have enjoyed watching your garden grow through your blog all summer so it really pleases me to read that you also enjoy mine.

    Isn't it amazing how some plants, like basil,can root so easily. I once filled a vase with mint for a sweet smelling centerpiece and by the end of the week of course they all had taken root. Rosemary does really well for me when I take softwood cuttings from it. It does tend to rot easily so watch the water. I'm happy I can inspire you! :-)

  3. Perennialgardener: Mine does too. And these are really houseplants. Just temporary housing for my outdoor plants.

    Cynthia: Thanks for the tips. I'll make sure they don't stay too wet. I might takes some more softwood cuttings too since I only have one right now. I have a feeling these will be a lot harder to root than my basil.