Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Bane of Too Many Catalogs

Today my daughter caught me reading a catalog. She knows that I've been frustrated because I get a plethora of them right now. Tis the season for wasted paper. I never order from them - OK I order from about 5 of them, but not from the over 100 that I get every year at this season. They have to stop.

Then my daughter asked me why I would be so enthralled with reading one if I wanted them to stop. Well this one was special. It was the first seed catalog of the year - from Pinetree. And to think just yesterday I was saying my excitement in the garden was over until the seed catalogs started to come. Time for a cup of tea and some excitement (of a kind only another gardener can appreciate).

I'm not stopping my seed catalogs. I usually order from 2 or 3 of them each year. Pinetree is one of my favorites since it has such low priced seed packets. I can try out so many kinds and not spend a fortune. Hmm . . . well spend less of a fortune.

I've already started marking it up. I'm thinking that the red carrot looks really good. And maybe the mini cabbages. Will the Neck Pumpkins that look like butternuts be resistant to vine borers like butternuts are? I really hope so. Should I grow New Zealand spinach for a summer green? My mother used to when I was growing up. I don't remember if I liked it or hated it.

What will I grow next year?


  1. Seed catalogs can be addicting-- I always want one of each!

  2. I know what you mean about catalogs. All the catalogs that I didn't want to receive at the old house followed me to the new house and on top of that I get all the catalogs addressed to the previous owner of the new house. It's ridiculous! And you're right about seed catalogs, I don't want to stop them. Even though I order most of my seeds online I still want the paper catalog to dog ear, and mark up, and drool over.

  3. I can't believe this, but I've never gotten a see catalog! I think that will have to change this year :)

  4. Did you see the bucket of exotic manures complete with a bar of soap? Wow and just in time for Christmas!

  5. I got my PT catalog, too. I'm with you on the rest, though, ugh! I've been calling regularly to have my name removed from their lists, but new ones arrive all the time, arghh.

    But the seed catalogs, now that's another story. I've been marking my catalog up, too. Soon it will be time for my spring countdown calendar!


  6. I just got my catalog too! I was just telling Cindy I was looking at those walking onions. Okay if I include your veggie post on my blog? No comment needed on mine.

    Aren't kids like that? And husbands too. It is so simple for them, well if you don't like it, just don't read it. Yeah right.

  7. DPNguyen: Oh yes very addicting. I'm eagerly awaiting my next one. I'm thinking it is going to be Johnny's.

    Michelle: yes isn't it annoying how they never end. I swear if you order from one, they give your name to 5 people. Then they give your name to 5 more. But I swear this year I'm going to get them stopped or die trying (famous last words).

    Amy: Never gotten a seed catalog? Oh how sad. They are filled with such dreams. In my mind I can grow just about anything. Not always in reality. But winter is the season for dreams up in the north since nothing actually grows now.

    Becky: lol no I hadn't seen that yet. I went right to the veggie seeds first. It is so funny that they include a bar of soap.

    Henbogle: I keep thinking it can be stopped. Somewhere on the web I found the way to stop them (or so I thought). You could get your name on a no-catalog list. I put my name on and voila . . . I get more catalogs then ever. Sigh.

    Tina: Sure I have a creative commons license on my blog. You can copy any of it, use the photos, change it, do whatever you want to it. The only rule is that you attribute it to me (link back) and you don't make money on it.

  8. Okay, all I did was include a link to the veggie post and your blog name. Thanks!

  9. BTW Tina I went over to look. I love the idea of having a day to post about veggies.

  10. Oh seed catalogs! I can't wait until it gets to be "that time" where you start getting your gardening supplies together. I, however, do not receive seed catalogs. I've bought most of my seeds from local stores or plants from the farmer's market. I tend to browse Seed Savers online catalog, but I do not receive any in the mail.

    Oh, and as another commenter mentioned, I too used to receive a lot of junk mail. There are a few agencies, like this one, where you can sign up and they remove your name/address from most of the major mailers.

  11. I can't believe that I have never seen this catalog as we get a ton as well. And both you and Tina mentioned it today. Too strange. I will have to check them out online as I do not need any more paper to recycle!

  12. Jennifer: I know I've done something like that before. One of our news stations did a whole thing on how to get removed from the lists. It never seems to work for me. Sigh. But maybe I should try again? If I'm persistent will they listen?

    Cindy: It is a smaller company, or at least I get that impression. I guess I tend to go for the New England companies. I've been ordering from Pinetree and Johnny's almost since I had a garden 20 years ago. I figured if they were selling from Maine, the seeds must be a good variety for my climate.

  13. I got my first seed catalog a week or so ago. It's a sure sign that it's fall!

    Do you have the problem I do with ordering seeds: When ordering the seeds I always have this wacked notion that I'm a more patient person than I am. And sometimes I end up with packets that never get planted. But at least this year I've done better. Everything I've ordered has gone into starter pots.

  14. We don't mail out seed catalogs, not only is it a less environmentally friendly option, it is just not very cost effective for smaller, family owned companies. You can view and purchase all of our varieties online though and we hope you will!