Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Fall Garden Update

This weekend I was busy cleaning up the garden. The dead tomato and pepper plants were pulled out. I chopped up the tomatoes and buried them under the soil. Tomatoes are so disease ridden here. I don't like to put the vines in the compost and spread it around the garden. I leave it in the place they grew. By spring everything will have disappeared into the soil and next year the tomatoes will grow in another spot. I keep a strict 3 year rotation for all my solanaceae crops. I wish I could do a four year rotation, but I like to grow too many of them. And next year I want potatoes too.

While the weather was nice I pulled off the row cover for a few days. The nights were in the 50s all weekend and the days were in the 60s, perfect for my fall crops. They are growing well, but the slugs are competing just as well. One Chinese cabbage (4 plants on the right) has just started to form a head, but the rest won't make it. In fact that one probably won't make it either, but I can always hope. My tatsoi (the large really dark green plants in the front) is doing fabulous. The slugs don't like it as much as my Fun Jen (light green shredded plants) so it is growing huge. I think a stir fry is in order later this week. And as always my mizuna (back left) is doing fabulous, which is par for the course this year. It grew well in the spring, in the summer and now in the fall. I've definitely found a keeper with this plant. It goes in my garden every year from now on.

My first broccoli plant was ready to pick. The head is not huge, but it is obviously at that state where if I don't pick it the flowers will open. There are lots of little florets all along the stem. I hope they have time to grow before everything freezes over. Next year I have to plant earlier. These are just like my Chinese cabbage, planted too late in the season to produce well.

My peas were still growing, but not really producing anymore. The plant handles the freezes just fine, but the flowers don't set well. Powdery mildew has set in and taken over, so it seemed a good time to pull the plants up. I cut them off at ground level and tossed the dying foliage into the compost bin. Spring is really the better season for peas, but fall is such good stir fry weather, I couldn't resist the snowpeas.

Now I have no trellises left in the garden. It looks rather sad and lonely out there. But there are still plants to pick: leeks, carrots, lettuce, broccoli, onions, and all my Asian greens. I probably only have 2-3 weeks left of growing season before everything freezes hard. I'll have to time digging my last carrots up. It would be sad to have them permenently frozen into the ground.


  1. Hello dear Daphne your garden looks great but I agree rather sad and lonely, who isn't a bit sad in November. All your Asian green looks super especially Tatsoi I have small bugs that loves all my Asian greens unfortunatly. Congrat. to the amazing Broccoli, that will be a feast! Yummie LOL Tyra

  2. You've been busy in the garden! This time of year is so sad, having to pull up all the dead plants and see the barren space where plants used to flourish, but alas, it is part of the deal if you want to live somewhere with seasons.

    I'm fascinated with all your Asian greens, I haven't heard of most of them! I have been trying to expand my horizons in terms of greens.

    Wahoo about still having a little time left though. I hope your leeks, carrots, and lettuce pull through.

    I think I'm going to have to grow leeks next year!

  3. I pulled my peas this weekend, too. They were just starting to look too sad.

  4. Tyra: I just have slugs eating my Asian greens and since they love the Fun Jen so much they tend to stay away from the tatsoi. The Fun Jen is a good trap crop. All of the insects love it. Too bad I love it so much.

    Jennifer: This is the first year I'm growing most of them. I love to try new things. This year it was Asian veggies (which also included my asparagus beans that didn't work out at all and my eggplant that was wonderful). My problem is I try to many things then I don't have room for the regular stuff, like potatoes.

    Taylor: Yeah fall peas just don't hold up like the spring ones. But I'm a sucker for snap peas and snowpeas so I grow them.

  5. So great!!! Your garden is beautiful...even in November!! Thanks so much for the fave, I am so glad to see that someone else loves growing their own veggies as much as me. I hope that my blog can become as in depth as yours.

    What do you do with your leeks? I am almost sick of them, I planted too many this year. there are definatly worse things...


  6. p.s. I'm also a sucker for peas, even if it's only a handful in the fall !!! Golden sweets lasted the longest.

  7. I make potato and leek soup with my leeks.

    I don't have that many leeks though. I wish I had more.

  8. Your vegetable garden looks very nice. I love those greens! The fence surrounding it is too cute too. On your GBBD post, the feverfew is a great plant-glad it is blooming.