Friday, February 27, 2009


Chiot's Run was asking today about what we were anticipating most about our gardens. Tessa was commenting the other day that gardening hasn't helped her learn patience. I think this time of the year really brings out the anti-Zen in all of us. The summer garden for me is very Zen like. I will stand in the middle and just experience it as I listen to the bees buzz. I welcome what it provides and live in the moment. Yes at that time of the year I still plan my fall garden and do succession crops, but the strong anticipation isn't there. This time of the year we look to the future and have such desires. We want our little seeds to germinate NOW.

For me my greatest anticipation is the melting snow. I want my soil to be snow free, unfrozen, and workable. I want to wash the dirt out from under my fingernails again. I want to plant seeds in the real soil, not my soilless mixture. I want to see my pea shoots come out of the soil and grab onto the trellis. The trellis that currently can't go into the garden since the ground is covered in snow and is frozen solid. I want St. Patrick's Day, the traditional day for pea planting, to be a celebration of green, not a cold day of mourning covered in white.

I anticipate today, which will be the warmest day of the year so far getting up into the 50s. I anticipate seeing my garlic shoots peeking from the soil. I don't anticipate next week. My weatherman says we will again have below normal temperatures. Normal this time of the year is in the low 40s. Next week the high will only be in the 30s and for some days maybe only the 20s. It has been a very early winter. It has been a very cold winter. It has been a very snowy winter. I hope today I see the dirt again. I would love to try to get my tunnels that collapsed under the heavy snow, back up. I would love to start my soil melting.

Though I do have great plans next year with seed saving, tomato experiments, and record keeping, they aren't currently my greatest anticipation. That is reserved for the coming month. I hope the March weather makes up for our cold winter. I hope for warmth. Are you as all anti-Zen as me this time of year? What are you dreaming about?


  1. Daphne, I have many dreams, but I also have a nightmare: moss, moss, moss. I love mosses but not when they grow on my lawn...

  2. I know exactly what you mean. I can't wait to get out and actually get started!

  3. I'm looking forward to getting back in the garden and especially this spring since I'll have a veggie garden again for the first time in several years.

    This winter for the first time I've actually enjoyed winter and am not in a rush for spring - probably because spring will mean a return to work. Now that I'm gardening professionally, as much as I enjoy it I'm in no rush to get underway. I plan to enjoy these last few quiet weeks at home!

  4. I'm anything but Zen right now. Maybe I should just keep quiet, but I'm full blast getting the spring garden in right now. Sorry...

  5. We are getting close to 50f today as well, 48f to be exact but then back down to a low of 6f tonight. That is some temperature swing.

    We are still pretty much snowless here asides from some stubborn snowbanks, I hope it stays this way. I was checking out the cold frame yesterday and it had warm, dry soil in it. I must say I had a little zen moment with my hands in that warm soil.

    It has seemed to be a pretty cold winter. You can certainly tell by the average outdoor temperature on the gas bill.

  6. I'm getting pretty excited, myself. Although the garden has stuff out there doesn't compare to the summer crop. Less than 3 months now!


  7. I empathise utterly. I saw my little garlic plants for the first time in months today and it gave me quite a thrill. But, as you say, it's due to get very cold again for a few days, so we shouldn't be getting too excited...

  8. Zen: Snow geese flying overhead in their thousands. Iris leaves still green (soon to be purple!!!) in the shallow water garden and the bed beside our parking square. Snowdrops. Finally seeing the ground. Anti-Zen moments: The stream still frozen. 50 mph winds ripping through here. Farmers shooting the snow geese. Predictions of snow and sleet tomorrow. Such is spring!

  9. Daphne, Great post! For me I am anticipating my Lantana seeds germinating- oh, did I say anticipating? I meant stewing about whether they are going to germinate, when they'll germinate, and if they'll grow well! I go in there every day telling them how much I would like to see their little heads :)...they take 40 to 62 days to do this! Thanks for the link love and as always, happy gardening...soon I hope!

  10. Tatyana, My back lawn is half moss. Basically my yard is compacted clay. Nothing really likes growing in it without help, except the moss. It has no trouble. I'll take what I can get.

    Chiot's Run, I tried doing a little yesterday, just getting rid of some of the snow on my garden. I think it is a lost cause.

    garden girl, Well vacation is always fun :>

    Michelle, I forgive you. Sometimes reading other peoples blogs helps me out - a little vicarious pleasure. And then again sometimes it just make me miss my garden that much more.

    Dan, Yup way too cold this winter. Sadly my snow is going to increase soon. Another storm is coming in.

    EG, For you the down time must be a good time to get all those projects done. You are always working on something for the garden it seems. Even in winter.

    Amanda, it did get warm enough yesterday for the garlic to melt out. I loved seeing the little shoots.

    Our Friend Ben, usually my Zen winter moment is drinking hot tea while watching those storms blow in. It is amazing how the same storm can cause peacefulness and angst.

    Tessa, that is just how I feel about my dirt. It is just going to take forever to be ready.

  11. I enjoyed reading your post. I'll have to think about what I'm anticipating, and check out that other blog.

  12. Sue, You have it as bad as I do. You even have a countdown timer to spring :>