Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Yellow Rose for Valentine's Day

I'm sending this yellow rose out at Valentine's Day to Stuart and all my friends at Blotanical. A yellow rose means friendship and that is what I've found in so many people there.

Blotanical is an online gardening community. Though it has other facets, I've used it primarily as a reader for my gardening blogs and to meet like minded folks and that usually means vegetable gardeners. I've found a lot of them since I started on the site in early May. We tend to be in the minority, but they aren't too hard to find.

As the months have gone on, I've developed a ritual. Every week or so I check out the new blogs page and look at each one. The ones I like go onto my favorite blogs list. This list is very important to me, because there is a page on Blotanical that has the two most recent posts of each of my favorite blogs. I read that page every day. Ok I confess. I'm there more often than once a day, but I'm addicted to my blogs.

So to Stuart and all my Blotanical friends have a happy Valentine's Day. And to my husband, whom I've already wished a happy Valentines's Day, don't worry. Stuart created Blotanical and he lives in Australia, so you have nothing to worry about.


  1. Happy Valentine's Day 2 U 2 Daphne!
    Tyra xoxo

  2. I love yellow roses! Happy Valentine's Day to you, too (from a fellow addict).

  3. Happy Valentine's Day Daphne! Thanks for the beautiful rose. I'm addicted to Blotanical too, lol. ;)

  4. Gulp. Okay, so am I the only one seeing a white rose here? Maybe I've got snow blindness???? Seriously though, that's a lovely flower and a wonderful scentiment (spelling intentional). Happy Hearts Day to you and yours, Daphne, and it's lovely to see so many people participating on Blotanical all the time.

  5. Daphne,

    Beautiful rose! This is the type of rose I wanted to put in my garden a couple years ago- could you tell me some info on it? You can email me if you'd like. And I want you to know that I have enjoyed reading your blog and learning so much from you. Happy Valentine's Day!

  6. Thanks all.

    Jodi, White? Well ok it does wash out when its been out in the sun a bit. Ok a lot. It starts out pale yellow and fades with time. It is better seen in person.

    DirtDigger, it is a David Austin rose called Windrush.

  7. Daphne,
    It has been so great discovering blotanical, and the fact that there are so many gardeners who are willing to share their thoughts, questions, and wisdom through their blogs. I really enjoy your blog, and Happy Belated Valentine's Day!!

  8. Daphne that's such a lovely blog, and you are so right about people being so friendly on Blotanical. I am loving nosying around all the lovely blogs and meeting new people.
    It's a bit late that I read this but I hope you had alovely Valentine's day.