Saturday, August 8, 2009

Views of the Garden

My husband came home one day and told me I had to take a photo of the garden from the front yard. Everything is so tall this year it is easier to see things. Last year except for the bean teepee nothing was very tall.

This is the garden from the front yard. I tried to crop my neighbor's house out of the photo, but it is glaringly gray. From here you can see the dill, potatoes, tomatoes and beans all above the fence this year. You can also see the empty spot in my border that the dill have colonized. I need to replace the iris that I pulled out this spring with something, but I haven't figured out what yet.

This is the garden from the side yard. It is the view the neighbors get as they come around the curve of the street. The pink flowers (especially the echinacea) kind of blend into the background. You see them much better in person than with a photograph.


  1. I hope your neighbors appreciate the attractive boundary you have provided! What I see in my backyard beyond my plants are white vinyl fence, chain link, weeds...

  2. Lucky lucky neighbors!

    Some people stopped by my yard the other day, and said, "You don't see many vegetables in our town. . ." I just goggled at them. I see them all over, actually. Everyone's growing them. But they didn't think so, so they must just miss them.

    Not many people have them out front, maybe . . .

    Yours look just lovely.

  3. Just beautiful Daphne!

    Sefaneener, my garden is out front too. I hope to give garden tours next year... but have to pretty it up!

  4. A lovely fence. Your plants look fantastic!

  5. This is gorgeous! So is everything on both sides of the fence yours? If so, what a great idea! It's very attractive and I bet the fence can be good support to lots of plants.

  6. Wendy, yes I put the fence about 2 1/2 feet inside my property line. Sometimes I curse it since It means I have less growing space inside, but I wanted to make it pretty since it was visible by everyone.