Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Chinese Cabbage

I was out yesterday harvesting some Asian greens so I took of the row cover off that bed. This is one of my remaining "heads" of napa cabbage. I thought this one was heading up, but it looks like it isn't either. It does look as pretty as a flower though.

I guess the last two "heads" will have to be picked headless. Not yet though. Our weather forecast now says that it will stay above normal for the next week. Channel 7 predicted a freeze for this week, but it looks like they were way off. This may end up being the warmest November in the last several years, which doesn't quite make up for our cold June, but I'll take it.


  1. The cabbage is pretty, even if it's not cooperating. Enjoy your warm weather while it lasts!

  2. It was really cool here last night, about 28f with a pretty thick frost. Tonight looks to be similar but we will be above season after that until the 25th. So they say at least. It has been a really nice Nov though asides from a few cool days. Keep the sun & above seasonal weather coming!

  3. It looks very beautiful, and I bet it will taste good too, head or not!

  4. This weather has been really throwing more for loop. I've been more concerned lately about my hoop houses overheating than my crops succumbing to frost! Does this mean you will have lettuce for Thanksgiving?

  5. a really nice photograph! Things still looking lush and beautiful I see!

  6. It looks really nice, head or no head.

  7. Michelle, I will.

    Dan, we had such a pretty frost last night. It was barely below freezing and the air had a lot of water in it. I really wish I had had time to go out and photograph things. It was the best frost so far this year.

    Jan, thanks.

    Thomas, it has been awfully warm here. We are supposed to be about 50 degrees for a high right now, but we have had so many days in the 60s. I've been enjoying it, but then I don't have hoop houses to worry about.

    Wendy, thanks.

    Stefaneener, thanks.