Friday, January 22, 2010

January Thaw

Last winter was very weird. We usually get a winter thaw, but last year it was snow. Then more snow. Then more snow. We never got the cold rains in the winter which I think as typical here after it snows. The snow didn't melt out until March. I was wondering if this year would follow suit, but the forecast is for three days above 40F and we might even hit 50F on Monday. That is pretty warm for January.

My beautiful white garden will probably melt out. I'm still not ready for the end of winter yet, but I'm sure by next month I'll be getting antsy. Right now I'm enjoying the beautiful scenery. I should have taken some photos for you all after the last snow storm. The flakes were large and beautiful and the trees just glittered.

BTW the photo of the garden was taken at 1pm, right in the middle of the day. You can see the nice shadow line of my neighbor's house. In a couple of months the sun will be high enough to get over the house and my garden will have sun again. I keep thinking I ought to do some winter gardening, then I see that shadow and know that my location isn't all that good for winter sun. And I'm happy again to be lazy in the winter. I think I'll go get a cup of tea while I dream about spring and enjoy the views.


  1. It seems that every season is weird these days...I can see where that shadow would cause problems for any type of winter gardening.

  2. I have to say that the January thaw just serves to give me spring fever each year. February is my least favorite month of the year and it is made worse by the few peeks of warm weather we get.

  3. I get the same "shadow effect" in winter from my tall trees. By spring the sun has risen up on the horizon sufficiently to clear them and provide sun - but the older section of garden get's very little sun in the winter months. The new beds actually get sun year round - as does the greenhouse.

    The snow is enchanting looking - but I am glad you have it and not us!

  4. Oh yay. I haven't noticed our upcoming forecast yet. Maybe I can get out into the garden and overturn some soil under my hoops. I'm realizing that sun is pretty important in the winteer garden. My hoops don't warm up nearly as much on overcast days.

  5. The snow is so pretty, but I agree with kitsapFG, I'm happy it's yours and not mine! One of my previous gardens used to be shaded in the winter by a neighbor's trees, so frustrating in a climate where we can garden year round if there's enough sun. They cut the trees down just after we moved.

  6. It is beautiful, Daphne. Watching the shadows change is a sure sign that spring is coming. It is light outside much longer in the evening now, Hooray! Have you ever tried the winter sowing method, in milk jugs and things? I am trying it this year, but believe it may be too warm in winter for it to work right. Your climate would be perfect.

  7. Daphne, we sent it your way. We have been moderating between 45 and 55 the past several weeks following our unexpected frigid temperatures. Yesterday was 60 and the outdoor garden has come alive.

  8. The patch I so carefully layed out to get plenty of sun in Summer, gets next to nothing in Winter. Never considered the sun's angle in Winter. Then again, never considered winter gardening ! Fortunately, two of the new beds (in the extension and one in particular) get sun yearound. So I'll probably have a go at it next winter.

    On one hand, I've quite enjoyed the Winter break (since it's been such a nice one). On the other, I'm just itching to get going on the outside prep work that needs to be done.

  9. We just got a pretty white blanket of snow too...

  10. EG, we have had some really weird weather over the last couple of years.

    The Mom, I can see that it would. Once the warm weather hits I usually want to get outside.

    kitsapFG, my trees do the same thing, but once the leaves are gone they don't shade too much. I probably lose only about 25 percent of the light if that. Now if I had evergreens I'd get tons of shade that wouldn't go away.

    Thomas, I'm hoping my kale has survived its burial.

    Michelle, oh no. What bad timing.

    Frances, I haven't done the wintersowing. I was going to do it last year and never got around to it. My gardening energy level is really low in the winter. Hopefully I'll get it done this year since I'd like to do it.

    Di, that is a nice warm day. I think I'll be dreaming about those temps for a while.

    miss m, I never did either. But then when I put the garden in I never even thought about winter gardening. Coleman has really inspired a lot of gardeners to do more.

    Toni, I'm really enjoying it. Right now I'm watching the sunset out my window over the garden and it is so pretty.

  11. My garden only has a few hours of direct sun for the fall and winter months. If I do winter crops again they need to be a good size by the time the sun lowers because they do not grow from Nov on.

    Your seeds were sent on their way today. Should show up in a week or two.

  12. Doesn't "winter" technically last until the spring equinox?

    Snow or thaw, it's hard to wait until spring.

  13. Dan, I can't wait for the seeds. I've been wanting to grow Cherokee Purple for some time now. This year should be the one even though I have way too many other tomato plants to grow too.

    Stefaneener, technically it does, but not in my mind it doesn't. For me winter lasts until I can plant in the garden. Interestingly enough here that often means around the equinox, but usually just before. Even more before if I bring out the plastic to defrost the soil early.