Thursday, December 30, 2010

I Ate Them

Yesterday was the day. I took out my seeds and sorted them all out for all you folks that wanted them. Yes they got mailed off. But I apologize. As I was doing the beans, I came across a problem. There were no Ottawa Cranberry beans to send off.

A few days ago we had left over Christmas ham. I only get a ham bone once a year, so it is special. I was wondering what beans to use. The Ottawa Cranberries seemed perfect. I was on a mission to make soup. Planting the garden was not on my mind. I totally forgot to save any for planting.

On the up side the soup was really good. My son even asked what kind of bean I used since they were so good. Really, really good. Luckily I have about 20 seeds left over that were from last year. So I can still grow them out next year. But I don't have any to give away. I'm really sorry. Sorry for all of us, as I was going to plant more than 20 seeds. But I suppose that gives me more room for trialing different varieties.

My beans seeds are rolling in however. I can't thank you all enough for sending them to me. I've also got about four picked out from the Seed Savers Yearbook, one from Fedco, and more promised from others. I'll have to count how many I have and see if I have enough space to trial them all. Maybe I should only order a couple from SSY.


  1. I made soup with our ham bone too but didn't have those great beans:( you should share your recipe AND beans with me:)

  2. I'll be making soup with our ham bone next week... it's tucked away in the freezer for now.

    You're such a good gardening friend... sharing all those seeds!!!!

    How'd you make out with all that snow? We're heading into the deep freeze again here in northern Wyoming.... burrr....

  3. I just did a split pea with a ham bone. Yummy!

  4. You ate them?! That was so funny to read. I have never tried growing dried beans. We don't seem to eat them much. But I am looking forward to seeing which kinds you grow this year.

  5. Too funny! That's something I would do. I'm glad you enjoyed eating them. You'll get lots more next year.

  6. That's too funny! Easy for me to say, though. I wasn't one of those hoping to get a packet of beans in the mail.

    IMHO, if you got the snow totals I read about for your area, you deserved a big pot of beans!

  7. Meeting neighbors is awesome! This year, I made cookies and caramel corn for some new neighbors I met in my building. Lots of fun to share and give!

  8. What a larf. (I guess it's the whole point of growing them, in the end!)

    Don't think HM Customs permits seed exchanges but I am bringing on some random throwbacks that appear to be "Kew Beans". I'll soon know if thext generation grows true.

    Best wishes for 2011.

  9. Karen, the recipe was pretty easy. It was from my Heirloom Beans book (which was won at last year's Yankee Swap at Christmas). Onions, celery, bay leaf, parsley, salt pepper, ham bone, ham chunks (they call for ham hocks), and beans.

    Toni, I love to share seeds with people. And love to get them. We got a lot of snow. I should take a photo of the hoop tunnel. I'm surprised it held up under the snow. But it is making my hoop tunnel very even in temps.

    Ribbit, that is good. I'm not allowed to make that however. My husband hates peas and split pea soup he can't even be in the same room with. Sad isn't it?

    GrafixMuse, *hangs her head in shame* yes I ate them. And so good. I'm a bean lover through and through. So I just can't help myself - though I would have if I had only remembered.

    The Mom, I didn't even notice that I did it until I started setting out seed for people. Whoops!

    tempusflits, yeah I really hope they aren't counting on it. But it is early still so hope if they want pole beans they can still order them. And we did get a good blizzard. Not as bad as some, but still a lot of snow.

    Kalena, I love making things for people. I have a friend making me a stuffed dragon (huge like 6-8' long) for my new house. I'm hoping she wants jewelry in exchange. It might be veggies, but we will see.

    Mal, it is. Usually I separate them as soon as they come out of the freezer so I can eat everything in the jars. Not this year. Ah well. I send seeds to Europe in a card so they don't go through customs - way too much work to fill out the forms. I haven't a clue as to what the laws are though. That is why I never send pea or bean seeds there. They are too big.

  10. Daphne, I received the seeds today. Thank you so so much...I am really looking forward to planting them this gardening season!

    Thanks again and have a Happy New Year :)

  11. The soup looks good - who would blame you for eating them?! I did not participate in this year's seed exchange but I have to tell you that the Market Miracle tomatoes I trialed in the garden from the seed you shared were one of the two varieties that produced for us in our totally lousy summer in 2010. They will be back in my garden in 2011 as a result. Thanks for sharing them with me.

  12. Your bean soup sounded delicious. I made a black bean soup from our ham bone (I did not grow the beans). I never dried the beans I harvested last year. We had a lot of mexican bean beetles so not a big harvest. Look forward to your garden posts in 2011.

  13. Oooh, bean soup with ham sounds so amazing! We received your seeds! Thanks so much!