Monday, January 17, 2011

Harvest Monday - 17 Janauary 2011

No harvests to report, but I have been using up my stored produce. I used up my Black Coco beans in a pot of green chili. I had some leftover pork. So I cooked up the beans then tossed in the pork, a pint of my homemade tomatillo salsa, some chicken broth, some onions, peppers and carrots. Then some cumin and oregano. To make it spicier I added some of my green pepper hot sauce.

My husband was gone most of last week so I ate it everyday. Yum. The Black Coco beans were good, but didn't keep their blackness as much as some other black beans do. Once cooked up they looked rather brown.

Harvest Monday is a day to show off your harvests, how you are saving your harvest, or how you are using your harvest. If you have a harvest you want to show off, add your name and link to Mr Linky below.


  1. Boy, that chili looks good! It's definitely the time of year for chili and soup!

  2. Hello Daphne,
    I did the same thing last week and used some of the crops from last fall! Marvellous feeling!
    Take care!

  3. The chili looks amazing! I've been getting the family to eat far more beans than before. They may have to be a star player in my garden one of these days.

  4. Oh that soup looks wonderful. Rainy day today it would go so well for dinner.

  5. We had soup for dinner last night with beans and it really hit the spot. I have a bunch in the fridge left over which will make great lunches this week. We have also been mostly using our preserved and stored food items this week too. It will be like that through at least mid February when the greens usually start really perking up and growing again. Until then, I am glad we have the bounty of the garden put by to enjoy.

  6. How interesting that these very black beans cooked to a light color. They look really good and the perfect size and color for chili. I loved all the snow photos!

  7. That chili looks so good. It's interesting that the beans didn't keep any of their black color, but the brown they faded to is still appealing. I've been using a lot of my stored vegetables lately as well, although I also went to the farmer's market last week for things that I didn't grow this year, such as beets and parsnips.

  8. Yum, chilli! This would be perfect for my cool, wet Central Florida day today.

  9. The chili soup look so beautiful and yummy, it's amazing that the beans didn't keep the black color. I should try to grow some dried beans for spicy soup such as yours, nothing beats a bowl of hot soup in cold days.

  10. I'm excited to show off my harvests! It may be a few months though... :)

  11. Yum!

    It's funny, I made a chili this week with beans from my garden too--I used the Indian Woman Yellow beans. They were delicious. Black Coco sounds like an interesting variety.

  12. Agree that the colour loss of the black beans is a bit of a disappointment. (Red seems to be more reliable.)
    My harvest is fresh from the field, but supplies are running low.

  13. MMMM! Even in the middle of our summer, that stew looks good!

  14. Amazing looking black beans. If I had space I'd grow beans for drying.

  15. I've been envious of everyone's dried bean harvest. I think I'm going to try growing them this year. A friend gave me some borlotto beans.

  16. Robin, thanks

    Madame C, I just wish the onions and carrots were from the garden. Maybe this coming year. Though I have always had trouble growing onions.

    The Mom, beans are one of my absolute favorites. I could easily eat beans everyday (and do some weeks).

    Barbie, we are going to get some rain later today - after the snow stops.

    Laura, I usually eat these kind of soups for lunch. I make them then eat them all week long. The next week I move on to a new soup.

    Jane, They are delicious, but I confess I was hoping for black in the soup. I love the color of black beans.

    michelle, I wish we had a close farmers market over the winter. They all shut down either at the end of October or right before Thanksgiving (too cold outside to hold them). There is one, but it is too far for me without a car.

    Melissa, thanks.

    Foodgardenkitchen, thanks

    Mac, that is true. I live for soup and tea on really cold days. I looked at our forecast and we are really going to get the ocld weather soon. Brrrr.

    Kay, I can't wait to start planting my seedlings. That won't be far off. As soon as the seeds I ordered come I can start.

    Christina, I've never had yellow woman beans. I love all the different flavors of beans and all the different colors.

    Mal, I can't wait to go look and see. I just got back from a trip and haven't had a chance to look at anyones harvests yet.

    Funkbunny, thanks

    prue, thanks

    Holly, Dried beans aren't the most productive thing in the garden, but I love that they store well and they are something beautiful that I can use over the winter.

    GoneferalinID, thanks

  17. Just stopping by to say hi! No harvesting here in the winter, yet, but I have been following along with the rest of the class :) I CAN'T wait for seed starting time so I can play again too!!!

    Lisa Anne

  18. The appearance of the chili in the picture and reading the ingredients makes me hungry for it! What a delicious way to warm up this winter.

  19. Hey! I loved the mr linkey widget you used and it was perfect for my "garden survey" post- I just wanted to let you know I got the idea to use this widget from you! Thanks!
    Also, I'd love it if you took my garden survey and spread the word :)