Saturday, May 5, 2012

Cinco De Mayo

My calendar says Battle of Puebla, not Cinco De Mayo, but a day by any other name would still mean I had to go work the store today. All was not lost however. The mulch for the yard was delivered yesterday and my husband spread all our sections without me. My townhouse mates still have their sections to do, but I'm free as a bird. I did get back from work at a decent time and was out in the garden at 4pm. Half an hour later my corn was planted. I think a Mexican holiday is an appropriate day to plant corn.

Yesterday it was hovering at 50F, but today we got a few little tiny peeks of sun and it warmed up considerably. So I figured I'd be safe. I aerated and fertilized the first bed.

I have four different 4'x8' sections that will be planted in corn, and I'll plant them 2-3 weeks apart. All four will have five feet of corn and three feet of squash. I'll let the squash run through the corn. I want the corn all a foot apart, or twenty plants. I put three seeds in each spot. I'll thin to the best plant. Or reseed if really necessary. The squash won't go out until it warms up more.

After tamping the seeds in, I weeded or a bit. Then noticed the pretty kale blossoms. Why have I never let kale go to seed before? It is so pretty and the bees love it.

I didn't last long weeding. I noticed the rosemary above was covered in dill and borage. I'll get to it. Really I promise. But today is a holiday, right?


  1. It is well up into the 90's here and the house with all 3 air conditioners running is sitting at 80 degrees. I would be really happy to see 60 again!

  2. I prefer dill to rosemary so I'd be on permanent holiday when it came to that bit of weeding. You can tell that Kale is a brassica as soon as it flowers can't you?

  3. You know... I bet we could find a holiday to celebrate everyday! Then we could both pass on the weeding to be done... because it is a holiday. ;D

    I never have room in the garden to let kale or lettuces go to seed. I probably should just for the bee attractant alone. Maybe I will this year and see if I can make it work somehow.

    1. I don't usually let the kale go to seed since it takes so many for the seed line to stay strong. But I don't need this bed until about June 1st for the sweet potatoes. I'll probably take them out a week before and put on some plastic to warm the soil more. But I'm not collecting seed. Lettuce is too easy. You only need one plant. So I do it often. I have room to keep one plant going. They don't tend to cross either so I can have two different varieties next to one another. It is best to have one white seeded and one black seeded so you can check if they crossed.