Sunday, December 30, 2012

Crystal Wonderland

I so love the snow. We got about 4-5" of snow over the night. Above is a street close to my house. It almost looks like it is in the country with all the snow.

My road is a little one car width private road. It almost looks like an alley.

My front yard with my peach trees. One tree is sadly leaning. I'm trying to straighten it up rather unsuccessfully. In late winter I'll trim the tree up.

My backyard has a small space for our table and grill. If you look in the corner you will see my townhouse mates' hot tub.

And of course the garden sleeping under its blanket of snow. Right now the sun is starting to come out and the snow is all glittering. So pretty.


  1. We have had so much rain recenty that even snow seems desirable! The picture of the garden furniture demonstrates very well the depth of snow.

  2. We got snow for Christmas day, which was appropriate and welcomed. I didn't even care that it melted the next day! At least the grandkids got to build a snow man.

  3. It is so very pretty. Snow always seems brighten up the usually grey color of the winter landscape. Looks like you got out there with your camera before it got walked on too!

  4. Very, very pretty! For Mr, I'd like 20mm of rain right now.the ground is crunchy under our feet and my veg very floppy.

  5. It's almost enough to make me wish we got snow - it looks beautiful. Actually once a winter would be lovely, not sure i could handle the cold that comes with it very well though.

  6. They are beautiful scenes. Thanks for sharing. Happy New Year.