Friday, July 24, 2015


I was out in the garden this morning checking on things. First I noticed that the storage carrots were doing very well. I had good germination in both sets of carrots. The fresh eating carrots on the other hand were pretty spotty. So I resowed the empty spots. I don't know if they will come up or not as I can't cover them or water them every day as that would be bad for the ones that are already up. But maybe they will come up.

Then I noticed that my lettuce patch was getting crowded out by the bunching onions. They were supposed to have been picked a month ago, but I picked them by thinning as I needed them. And I didn't need them all so they grew.

They grew huge. Doesn't this look more like a leek than an onion?

So I cleaned up half the lettuce patch. I'll do the other half after I've eaten these.

And how do you get rid of a buttload of bunching onions? Well I slow cooked them down until they started turning brown then put them in an onion frittata . Or maybe it is a crustless onion quiche. I did use coconut milk, so it is probably more quiche like than frittata like. The nice thing about this is that I get to eat it for three more days as all those onions made a lot.

I've been having a lot of nice lunches from the garden recently. This is a vegetable pancake. I used to call them Okonomiyaki, but mine have little in common with the Japanese version anymore except for the heavy use of cabbage. I put in herbs like parsley, cilantro, or sometimes mint. And the toppings here were strawberry chutney and a horseradish mustard sauce.

I made a chard and onion soup that was nice hot the first day and nicer cold the second day. I ate it with leftover herbed quinoa and poached eggs. And you might not know it but I had stirred some sauerkraut into the soup. The day before I'd eaten my kraut on the side, but found it tasted really good with the soup.

Most of my lunches are inspired by what needs to be eaten. I had a couple of left over tortillas so I put in some guacamole and some fried eggs. Yum. From the garden I had coleslaw, sauerkraut, and cucumber salad.

Some fried eggs over leftover rice with sides of garden broccoli and some zucchini fritters.

Probably my most common lunch looks like this. An open faced egg salad sandwich. I adore egg salad. With sides of garden veggies with a little kraut.

Have you noticed a theme with my lunches. I tend to eat eggs - lovely pastured eggs with bright orange yolks. I know they are supposed to be breakfast food here, but I eat them for lunch almost every day. I eat whatever veggies the garden gives to me, but I prefer to eat some kind of green if I have it. And I'm eating a little of my fermented food every day too. I tend to eat it in rotation. So the first made gets eaten first. But when I finally get pickles that might change (the first pickles are being made now). I don't think I'd be able to resist eating dill pickles with my egg salad sandwiches.


  1. Despite your inability to eat the solanaceae you manage to eat a hugely varied diet! I am fascinated by what people in other places eat, so thanks for showing us so many different plates of food.

  2. That's a bunching onion? After weeks ours are still at the grass stage.

    1. Yes that is a bunching onion. I start them indoors in February and plant them out in April. If I don't harvest them in June they really do take over. I suppose I could keep letting them grow and them split them, but I never bother with that and grow new ones each year.

  3. Yum - that vegetable pancake looks delicious! I love eggs too but don't have them nearly often enough. They are making more of an appearance during lunchtime lately at our house too - my son loves fried egg sandwiches!

    I've had it in my brain to get a perennial onion patch going for bunching onions but I'm not having much luck in that department. I think I'll try your method of growing bunching onions next year.

  4. Your lunches look delicious. I would love to taste test them as most of them are new ideas to me and I am hesitant to try things new in the kitchen.

  5. Lunch is looking pretty fantastic these days! Yummers!

  6. Your lunches look interesting and yummy. Does your husband eat the same thing? I don't think mine would. We have eggs for lunch once or twice a week instead of breakfast too. What do you eat for breakfast? Since I have had lyme I am hungry but breakfast cereals don't sound good so have been making healthier muffins. Am getting tired of those every morning too. Open for suggestions! Nancy

  7. ooooh you are making me hungry, daphne! so nice to see the fruits (vegies) of your labours!

  8. I love eggs for lunch! As for the onions, if I have too many, I run them through the food processor and then freeze them.