Saturday, September 27, 2008

Thank You

Outer Banks Mom sent me an award the other day. Thank you. Your comment was so sweet. If I want, I can pass it on to seven other blogs. There are so many wonderful blogs. Last time I was sent a meme it was only three months ago, but I have found so many more blogs I love since then, I'm sure I can come up with seven. So here goes:

  • Brambleberries in the Rain
    Cynthia has one of my favorite gardening blogs. She has struggled a bit this year with a garden pest. We were all trying to guess what it was and it turned out to be a fox! A first for me.
  • Shibaguyz
    You have to love these two guys in Seattle trying to grow their own on a tiny patch of land in their back yard. It is so overrun with vegetables they call it the jungle.
  • Henboggle
    Whose freezer is the envy of anyone that grows their own food. Now I'm drooling over their hoophouse.
  • The Manic Gardener
    Who has had the worst trouble with hail taking out her garden this year. No one should have to see their poor vegetables shredded like that.
  • Green Bean Dreams
    She is trying to convert the world to a greener place one blog post at a time. I love her picture of her self - a green super hero.
  • A Sonoma Garden
    Is so much fun to read. I loved their post about finding the great grandma's recipe box, and how they used to eat a couple of generations back. It's not what you think. But they are a treasure.
  • Veg*n Cooking and Other Random Musings
    Right now I don't read many blogs that aren't about gardening, but I read this one to drool over the food. I may be an omnivore, but it has great ideas on how to use those vegetables coming out of the garden.

So thanks again. I'll leave one note. Tyson is giving away food to the food banks. It is based upon how many comments they get. They will give up to 200,000lbs of protein food, 100llbs for each comment. Last time I looked there were 618 comments. If they get 2000, they will give the max. So go comment. It only has to be one word. I find giving food away an interesting way to advertise and I'm certainly willing to play along.


  1. I am truly honored Daphne! I love your blog as well. I started reading your blog when I first joined Blotanical and have loved every post ever since. Your posts make me want to go out and devote all of my beds to veggies next year.

    It is always nice to know someone appreciates what you are doing so thank you so much for this award. Coming from you it means a lot to me. :)

  2. Thank you so much for the kind words about the blog and the award! This means a lot to me, especially since I love your blog and envy your garden!

  3. Thanks so much Daphne!

  4. Thank you so much, Daphne!! I really appreciate it. :) It is so nice to hear that someone actually reads what I write and to see all the other folks you like to read. I'll have to poke around on their blogs.