Thursday, February 12, 2009

I See Dirt

It may be a dismal day out today with all the clouds, but I'm happy. We have had a nice little warm spell for the last couple of days and our snow is melting fast. I can finally see some structure in the garden. I find it interesting how the snow melts first from all the dark things that stick up like my fence and the landscaping pavers that hold up my raised beds. You can't really see it in this photo but the dirt is bare six inches from the fence all the way around. The big dirt area in the lower right of the photo is close to the house, so I'm guessing it melted because my foundation keeps it warmer.

My poly tunnels didn't hold up. Not much of a surprise. There might be some life underneath, but I can't tell yet. I think I would need another day or two of warm weather to melt the last bits out. Since the tunnels collapsed, the odds are slim for widespread survival. Plastic tends to transmit the cold if it is touching the plants. Next year I either need better tunnels, or just stick with row covers. I still think the bunching onions and the tatsoi will have survived, but I'm also holding out for the lettuce and chard. Hope springs eternal on such warm days.


  1. I would hate to rub it in but almost 100% of our snow has melted. It is so nice to see the ground again! If it would only last.

    Of course with you being a zone warmer then me you can rub it in when you are planting in the garden well I am most likely enduring a snow storm.

  2. Outside the greenhouse it is mud, about two inches on top of frozen ground. I'd rather the snow came back. Hope your spring progresses in an orderly fashion.

  3. Dan, you are so cruel. I'll remember that when I start planting ;>

    Alan, I can understand that. I have some mud patches myself. Yuck. But my soil will warm up and drain only once it is all melted out. My soil is fairly dark so the sun does a pretty good job at least in the spots it can get to. I always hope for an early year. It always comes at about the same time.

  4. Here's hoping that you have some signs of life under the tunnel. No snow here to contend with. We've been having some warm days but they are calling for scattered snow showers on Tues. :( It is suppose to be 50 so I don't think we will be getting anything worth be worried about.