Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring is here?

Ah the first day of spring. The sun is shining, just a few clouds in the sky. It is Friday. Tomorrow is my husbands big birthday party. It seems the perfect day. As I bring out my onions seedling that have been mostly hardened off, I think something must be wrong. I can see my breath. It is COLD. The ground that I lovingly double dug a couple of days ago is covered with a plastic tunnel. It is also frozen solid. Arrrggg!

The weatherman swears that spring came in at 7:44am. I beg to differ. Winter seems to have its icy grip firmly in place. The Farmer's Almanac seems to have been right. They said for the Northeast we would see a long winter and spring would be slow to come.

I'm supposed to be planting those little onion seedlings tomorrow morning. Hmm the forcast for tomorrow morning is 21°F. There is no way the seedlings can go into a frozen ground. And the ground WILL be frozen even if it is covered in a couple of pieces of plastic. I can't do it in the afternoon since we will have guests. I could plant on Sunday. I might do that. The forecast is for Sunday night to be nice, but the next two nights after that will also be close to 20°F. Is that too cold for the onions? I've heard they don't bulb well if subjected to too low of a temperature, but what is too low? I know most won't winterkill over 15°F. Maybe I'll risk it.


  1. It's freezing here too, which is not very nice after having such warm weather. I have also heard that cold weather can cause problems if the onions are small. I'd just keep pampering them in the warmth until it is nicer.

  2. I always recommend experimenting.
    Try a dozen now and a dozen next week so on and so on. Keep records and then you will have your answers.
    Over here we call it suck and see.

  3. Aw, man....that is cold. I think your onions will do just fine, you won't know unless you try.


  4. Yeah, here too, Daphne, the weather is reluctant to release us from the grip of winter. But we'll get there after a while. I just keep buying indoor plants and freshcut flowers and waiting.

  5. Dan I've heard that too. It is why I'm so worried about planting them. Really cold weather and transplant shock at the same time doesn't sound good.

    Garden Tips, I'm hoping for some ;>

    Stewart, I like the way you think. I love experimenting. Yesterday I was thinking of following your advice but then read the updated weather forecast. It is for the mid teens (-9C). That is close to killing weather for young onions. So I'm going to hold off until at least the worse of the cold snap is over. I might be able to plant on Tuesday and I might just do some of them.

    EG, true, but fear for my little seedlings reigns supreme. I think they will be pampered for a bit more.

    Jodi, you have more patience than I do. I so want to see green outside.