Monday, August 17, 2009

Harvest Monday August 17, 2009

Tuesday's Harvest Part I

Last week was all about the tomatoes. Lots and lots of tomatoes. Most of my tomatoes are cherries this year. The most prolific of all the tomatoes by poundage are my Sungold F2s. This week they produced 9.94lbs for six plants or 1.66lbs per plant.

Tuesday's Harvest Part II

The next most prolific is Miracle of the Market. I have two plants and they are my only large tomatoes. I picked 2.25lbs or 1.13lbs per plant this week. There is an amazing amount of fruit on these plants and if they can only survive the late blight for long enough, they will put in the most impressive show from any beef steak tomato that I've ever grown. Most beefsteaks don't produce well for me. They tend to rot before they ripen. These plants have been amazingly healthy and productive so far. They have one flaw. I don't pick the tomatoes. They fall off the plants before they are totally ripe. They seem to survive this treatment without harm, but I keep thinking I'll have to rig up something to make sure the partially ripe tomatoes don't keep hitting the lip of their pail.

I do have a question about those tomatoes though. Are they really Miracle of the Market? It was described as a 2-4oz tomato. These are 4-12oz tomatoes. They are beefsteaks not regular tomatoes. It isn't an indeterminate as it is supposed to be. So what is it really? I did find a tomato called Market Miracle (which is just another translation of the same words- Чудо рынка) that said it had 8-12oz fruits on a determinant plant. So maybe there are two strains of of tomato with the same name. I suppose whatever it is it grows well here so I'm keeping it. Seeds will be saved. But maybe I should start calling it Market Miracle since this is what most people call the strain that is larger and determinant.

Thursday's Harvest

This week has seen a nice spike in the pineapple tomatillo harvest, but then the dreaded chipmunk found out that there are tasty treats inside those husks. Now I don't get any. Sigh. I've been enjoying the little morsels myself. I was thinking that I would finally be getting so many they would pull their own weight in the harvest tally, but nope. Not with the chipmuncks eating them all. Their total harvest so far is only 3/4lb and it might not be going up any more. They have about 8-12 sqft of planting space. They are taking over the eggplants. I don't blame them much. The potatoes are taking over their spot so they are just moving over to the next weekest plant.

The eggplants are having trouble. The Lavender Touch is sick. The Slim Jim seems to be healthy. They are finally starting to produce. I picked one solitary eggplant last week. I don't think they will survive the incursion of the tomatillo if I don't cut it back. I might do that for the Slim Jims but not for the other. It isn't worth it.

Saturday's Harvest (Sunday's harvest wasn't photographed but included lettuce and squash blossoms)

The serranos are in full production. I need to get out and pick them, but the jalapenos are in a lull. I think I left some of them on the plant too long and they quit blooming. My pole beans are also in a lull. Last year they kept producing all summer long. This year they are on and off. Sigh. I love my beans. I hope they get ramped up with the heat we have had in the last few days.

The cucurbits are finally starting to produce some poundage. My cucumbers have started. I don't have enough to can yet, but I've been throwing them into the premade brine for refrigerator pickles. Yum. The zucchini is limping along. With four plants I should be giving a ton away, but nope. I don't even have enough for myself yet. The winter squash has set two small squash. I hope they get ripe before it gets too cold.

So here are the weekly tally totals:

  • Alliums 0.38
  • Beans 0.11 lbs
  • Cucurbits 2.67 lbs
  • Eggplant 0.14 lbs
  • Greens 0.81 lbs
  • Herbs 0.04 lbs
  • Peppers 0.30 lbs
  • Tomatillo 0.54
  • Tomatoes 14.99 lbs

Weekly total: 19.98 lbs
Weekly spent: $0
Yearly total: 86.89 lbs
Yearly earned: $229.69

I'm almost to the 100lb mark. Whoohoo!

If you would like to join in showing off your harvest, put your name and URL into Mr. Linky below. It doesn't matter how big or small your harvest is. You don't have to count the pounds like I do. If you have had a harvest this last week, show us and join in!


  1. Oops. Sorry to anyone that came early. I had messed up Mr. Linky. It is fixed now.

  2. Wow Daphne your cherry tomatoes look great!

  3. Oh've got alot of cherry tomatoes! My transplants didn't make it, or there would have definitely been some in my garden.

  4. Daphne, thanks for hosting 'Harvest days' it sure is fun.
    My tomatoes are just starting to produce more and we sure are enjoying them.
    Shame those pesky chipmunks have taken a liking for your tomatillos.

  5. I am green with envy over your tomatoes, they look marvelous! Its a good thing I don't live closer, or I'd be challenging the chipmunk for some tasty treats!

  6. Emily, thanks. Every day they produce I"m happy. Soon they will be dead to late blight :<

    EG, I have tons. I can't eat them all. My daughter and I try but there is no way we can eat pounds of them every day. I've been making sauce from them. Sauce from Sungolds is really funny. It tastes too sweet, but I think it will go well with my chili in the winter.

    keewee, yeah I wish I would get a few more tomatillos. But no matter. I have something more to post for Death Day. I have to look on the bright side.

    henbogle, I'd be happy to share. Especially the tomatoes. I have way too many cherries. Making sauce from them I amusing though. Next year I must remember not to do two different trials of cherry tomatoes. I just don't get any big ones then for sauce.

  7. That is a LOT of cherry tomatoes! I like to make oven-candied tomatoes when I've got too many of them. (I think I posted that recipe last year).

  8. I wish I could trade you some of my tomatoes for your sweet cherries!

    I think my garden production will go way down in the coming week, as I've been ripping out sickly tomato plants and those that don't taste absolutely delicious. Of course, after that I'll have the big pumpkins and squash!

  9. OMG, the cherry toms are simply amazing. Well done ! I won't be harvesting half as many, but will be relish every last one. Aren't they just the best ? Those tomatillos look wonderful too, I GOT to have those next year.

    Beautiful harvest, Daphne !

  10. Everything is looking great Daphne. Your tomatoes are the epitome of perfection! The lone eggplant looks good too. My eggplants are not doing much either, the first one is just starting to form now. I'm also lacking in the zuc department too, crappy weather! Everything is looking great Daphne.

  11. Michelle, I've been making tomato sauce out of them. I know, it is weird. It also tastes strangely sweet since they are sungolds.

    Annie's Granny, that would be a trade I would do in a heartbeat. Making sauce out of cherry tomatoes just isn't as productive.

    Miss M, I do love them. They are so sweet. I just can't keep up with eating the harvest though. I try my best.

    Dan, I just picked another eggplant today. It is another tiny one. I'm thinking next year I have to give up on eggplants. I don't love them all that much. I put up with them. They don't produce well in our cold summers. I should just quit growing them. I grow them because I think they are such pretty plants. Their flowers are beautiful and their fruit looks so pretty, but I really shouldn't grow them just for that.

  12. Phew, snuck my link in while it's still Monday!

  13. Good morning Daphne, I'm back on solid ground again and this morning I'm enjoying 'walks' in all the bloggers gardens, truely wonderful. Soon I'm going to clear up my garden that has run wild during my absence. Very impressive harvest, I'm sorry that I just missed Harvest monday. I have loads of tomatoes to harvest and I'm pleased of the yield of the heirlooms.

    Take care xoxo Tyra

  14. I just found your blog and grabbed your RSS. Love it!

  15. Amanda, lol here in the US you had plenty of time, but for you, just a half hour to spare.

    Tyra, Sometimes it is fun to go away and really see the garden growth. I don't notice it as much when I'm here, but when I get back I can never believe how much it grows.

    Red Icculus, thanks!

  16. Thanks for the comment on my blog. So the Slim Jim is the one eggplant that you grabbed this week? The fruit looks amazing if that is the variety you were talking about. If the canopy isn't huge, it might be perfect for indoor gardening.

  17. Red Icculus, yup the photo is of the Slum Jim. It is a nice little eggplant that gets about 4-6" long and about hmm 1 - 1/2" wide. I never peal it and it has never been bitter. I've never had the plants get taller than 2', but then again I don't have the best eggplant weather either, so in a good climate they might get bigger.