Monday, November 16, 2009

Harvest Monday - 16 November 2009

This week I harvested one thing - one lone napa cabbage. It was the biggest of them all so far at a pound and a half. I still have two left in the garden. One has never headed up since it was in too much shade. The other is its next door neighbor and has a small head.

I have to cut a lot of the outside of the cabbage off to get to the non slug ridden middle part. But never fear the inside was beautiful. I just hate having to throw half of the plant away. Doesn't the head look small compared to its outer leaves?

I made Heather's Veggie Egg Rolls from most of it. I ate them for lunch all week long. Yum. But now they are gone. I've also been eating my stored veggies. At some point I'm going to run out and have to start shopping regularly again. I've really liked having monthly trips to the supermarket for staples as opposed to having to go every week.

My next week's harvest ought to be more varied at least. If the weather holds out and Channel 7 is wrong (they are predicting two very cold nights in a row), I still won't pick it all. If everyone starts agreeing with freezing weather I'll probably go out and pick most all of it. I'll save a bit like the kale and spinach, but I'll want to get the rest cleaned up if we might have frozen soil for the rest of the year.

I did spend money this week. I needed lime, so got some. Or rather I thought I needed lime. When trying to find a place to put the large bag, I found another bag of lime. I thought I had used up the last one. Ah well. Maybe I'll lime the grass some year. I mistreat my grass so badly.

Now onto the tally.

  • Greens 1.56 lbs

Weekly total: 1.56 lbs
Weekly spent: $4.98
Yearly total: 211.48 lbs
Yearly earned: $727.77

If you would like to join in showing off your harvest, put your name and URL into Mr. Linky below. It doesn't matter how big or small your harvest is. You don't have to count the pounds like I do. If you have had a harvest this last week, show us and join in!


  1. Hi Daphne,
    Good News: There's an award for you on our allotment blog. We hope you will accept it.

  2. Your cabbage looks beautiful. I'm back posting my harvests from the past 4 weeks.


  3. Very pretty cabbage. I'm glad you liked the egg rolls, they're a favorite here. If channel 7 is bothering you, take a look at channel 5.

  4. The Napa cabbage looks really good! I'm so bad at predicting the weather...some of my spinach look like they are sweltering in the mini hoop house. Hopefully the weather will stay warm for a bit longer!

  5. Daphne, I'm really enjoying your blog, and seeing veggies grow in New England. Things in southern California are so much different. My cabbage isn't ready yet, and I planted peas yesterday. You are worried about frost, I'm waiting for our second rain of the season--no rain for a month now. Stop by my blog and take a look.

  6. That looks just wonderful. If you had chickens, they'd love the outside leaves. So does compost, though.

    Can you throw a sheet over the beds on freezing nights to cheat a few more days or weeks? It seems a shame to shut down if there's going to be another warm spell.

  7. Gary Jen and Ruby, thanks for the award.

    Emily, you had some really nice kale. I'm growing a dwarf kale because it was the first time I every grew it. Next year I want to try more.

    The Mom, I'm sure I'll make them again in the winter with regular cabbage. It will add to my repertoire for cabbage. I had soup, stirfry and coleslaw. Now I can add veggies rolls. Cabbage and squash will be real staples for December and January.

    Thomas, I just look at two forecasts. If they don't agree I look at more. Not that they are right all the time but I have to check this time of year.

    Lou, Oh southern CA is so much different. You can grow all year long. Part of me envies that, but the other part is happy to have a gardening break. I just wish the break were only a month long instead of four.

    Stefaneener, If I had chickens I'd collect leaves for their bedding. They would so love it. Especially when they find worms in it. I could throw something over the beds. Usually when we get a freeze about now it is pretty permenant though. Unless I go the plastic route to heat them up during the day the ground will just be frozen anyway. I'd rather get it all cleaned up. Last year I tried plastic tunnels. It didn't add that much longer. It didn't seem worth the effort. All of the veggies left can handle a day or so of cold. Luckily it has been unusually warm recently. And I checked the forecast this morning and they are going for the average. So we will probably be only touched by frost and things will be fine.

  8. That is a picture perfect head of cabbage and I imagine it was delicious also. I don't think I've ever tried growing napa cabbage, might have to try someday. The nighttime temps have been down to the low 40's and high 30's lately and I'm freezing. I don't think I would survive in your part of the world!

  9. You have really earned some coin this season! Amazing what a little work can save you, both in money & health. The egg rolls look good, I will have to try them out.

  10. Fresh veggies in any form, even with slug holes, would be welcome right now. I didn't bring enough lettuce with me for us and the rabbit. Rabbit won out.

  11. Delicious looking cabbage. SO glad I could finally join in on the harvest fun again!

  12. The way those two cabbage photos appear together, it makes your cabbage seem enormous! It's hard to believe we'll be getting a frost considering how warm it's been these past few days, but anything's possible.

  13. Good looking cabbage, Daphne !
    Heather's egg rolls looks scrumptious. I copied the recipe last week but didn't get around trying them yet. Can't wait. (Btw, thx Heather !)
    I'm glad Harvest Monday's still going strong. Keep those lovely harvests coming !

  14. Michelle, if you don't like the 30s you would hate it when we dip below zero. I try to stay inside when it gets that cold.

    Dan, I think the health part is the best. I really do eat better over the summer and early fall. Already my diet is starting to be worse.

    Annie's Granny, well if you had the cabbage it would be perfect. You could eat it and your rabbits could eat all the outside slug ridden leaves. They you both would win.

    prue, I'm so glad you could join in too. Your zucchinis look so good. And congrats on the first tomatos.

    Sally, lol well it was just a pound and a half. So not huge, but not tiny either. The plants themselves do get pretty huge. Not as big as a regular cabbage, but pretty big.

    miss m, well strong is probably not quite the right word with just one cabbage to my name, but I'm trying to keep the harvests coming. The weather is really cooperating. Those 20s they were predicting are turning into light frost instead of freezes and the long range for everyone now says we will be freeze free through Thanskgiving so it will keep coming.

  15. Wonderful looking cabbage. I particularly enjoy Napa cabbage but have a tough time growing it because the slugs adore it too.

  16. kitsapFG, thanks. I know the slugs love it, but I find they don't get inside the head much. I throw out a lot of outer leaves.