Friday, February 12, 2010

The Return of the Sun

I've noticed a real increase in the angle of the sun recently. Remember on January 22nd it looked like this.

The neighbor's house shaded the garden almost all the way to the fence. Now just three weeks later:

The lower bed is totally in the sun and the middle bed is even partially in sun. Whoohoo! It must be almost spring. Notice also that the garlic area is out of the snow already! We were supposed to get 8" of snow on Wednesday night, but it never materialized. We got about an inch and it was melted off by the afternoon on Thursday.


  1. I've been noticing the change too ! What a difference, indeed.

    Lucky the storm missed you ! It missed us too. (Wednesday was 5C and sunny here with good 'meltage').

    We are truly getting there ! :)

  2. We definitely dodged a bullet with week. The increasing angle of the sun is probably responsible slight increase in temperatures inside my hoop houses. It's slowing climbing into the low 70s now. Hopefully, it will only go up from there.

  3. Yes we've noticed that the angle is different too, as now we can sit and have a cup of tea on the roofed terrace without the sun being in our eyes!

  4. I too have noticed a change in the angle of the sun... Over winter our back gets almost no sun because it's on a hill and the sun never quite gets high enough to hit it... But now I do believe parts are getting the sun, and lots of the bulbs which were poking their noses out have grown significantly over the past week.

  5. I noticed the change also, lighter mornings and evenings, yippee!

  6. Great post, Daphne! I haven't noticed the difference in my area, but didn't think to keep up with it, either. Cool!

  7. I can feel the days lengthening too. So very exciting! I'm glad you have actual photographic evidence. At our place, the beds closest to the house get the shade, while the back ones are free earlier. Whee!

  8. Hi Daphne! Just stopped by to say hello!

  9. The higher and stronger sun is a welcome sight. They forcasted 8" here too last weds which would have been our first big snow storm. We ended up getting a little over two inches, they never get it right.

  10. I love that visual confirmation of what I have been noticing the past several weeks myself. My back beds are getting enough sun that I am going to plant up a portion of the most sun exposed bed in spinach if the soil temp proves good enough when I test it tomorrow afternoon. The bed has been under a hoop cover so the soil is warmer there than elsewhere in the garden.

  11. We got our snow today. It's beautiful!

  12. Daphne we are sending warmer weather your way. It does travel west to east, doesn't it. ;) We are supposed to have 61 today and that should make everything really pop. Have a great weekend!

  13. Miss M, I was looking forward to the snow. I wanted to go xcskiing this weekend.

    Thomas, well hopefully not too much higher inside the houses. You don't want to bake them.

    Jan, oh wow, I'm so far from having tea outside. Someday.

    Liz, I meant to plant more bulbs last fall. Now I just have the old daffodils that are so unhappy.

    Michelle, :>

    EG, I was just noticing it out the dining room window. I was surprised that lower bed was already out of the shade.

    Stefaneener, Now I just need seedlings.

    Toni, Hi

    Dan, well usually our forecasters are better than this time. We had the whole of eastern Mass canceling school or letting out early and we didn't get the storm. Usually they aren't that bad.

    kitsapFG, as soon as my soil melts enough to get hoops in, I'll be out with my hoops too.

    Kalena Michele, :>

    Di, yes it does. We get our weather from the south, west and north depending. It seems the west and the south come together up here and we tend to get wet then. Warm would be nice.