Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Rain, Rain, Go Away

New England is getting hit again. A little over a week ago we had a huge rain storm that gave us 10" of rain. I've lived here for almost 30 years and I'd never seen rain like that. Six inches isn't that uncommon, but 10" is pretty unheard of. Friends that had never had water in their basement before were getting wet. Winchester schools were closed for 3 days because the center of town goes underwater when we get 6" of rain, much less 10.

Yesterday and today, we got another 6" inches. It doesn't sound like all that much for us, but the reality is that the ground is saturated. The water tables are high already. There is no place for the water to go. It is at times like this I'm happy to be living on a hill. The garden looks very soggy, but it drains. I just hope my peas haven't rotten out yet. It all dries out on Thursday and I'll get a chance to check on it then.

I hope all the rest of you New Englanders are doing OK with the rain. I'm especially worried about Thomas and his garden. I just hope it all stops soon.


  1. We were like this back in September/October when we had to close schools because so many of them were flooded. I hope you guys dry out soon. You just can't catch a break with this weather.

  2. And I can't get a drop of water to save my soul. No rain (well, a piddly amount the other night, didn't do much good), no irrigation water. I'm sick of packing water to the garden in 2 gallon watering cans. Send me an inch or two, OK?

  3. That's a lot of rain in such a short period of time! We typically get about 20 inches of rain in a year here and we're not there yet for this year. Wow.

  4. Bone dry March in my corner of Kansas. If it wasn't for the snow we got early in March we would be 0.0" in the wet department. April Monsoon season is impending though.

  5. It's been raining very heavily here too - but not the biblical proportions you are getting! You should start really getting worried if you see a large wooden boat float past your upper floor windows... and on the deck are animals standing two by two. :D

  6. Dang...that's a real soaker! I think that's the same system that came through here last weekend - but it was nothing like that!

  7. We had a lot of rain for the spring, but it was spaced just enough. In fact, I hear it again tonight.

    I'm sorry you're in a well-soaked area. Hang in there.

  8. Isn't this awful! I too am thinking about Thomas and his garden. Our sump pump is working hard to keep the water out of the basement, but our secondary pump that we use when the first can't keep up stopped working. We have about a half inch of water in parts of the basement.

    I hope this weather isn't an indication to the summer we are going to have. Try to stay dry!

  9. Extremes in weather condition are really the trend nowadays. If it's raining, it's raining real hard and if it's hot, it's really scorching hot. I just hope everyone's safe. :)

  10. Ribbit, I hope so too. I know I have no headaches with it all right now with my location, but so many people are having issues right now.

    Annie's Granny, I would so send you half the water :> OK you probably don't want even that much, but a couple less inches would have helped the center of our town.

    Michelle, it is a lot.

    David, I hope you get a more moderate rainy season.

    kitsapFG, I have a friend that is giving away her kayak and they are joking they should keep it so they can get around.

    EG, Luckily sun is in our forecast later today.

    Stefaneener, Usually I like our rain. I don't have to water the garden often. But I like it in one or two inch rainfalls, not floods.

    GrafixMuse, I hope we get a more normal summer this year.

    Upside Down Tomato Growing, lot of people have been evacuated around some of the rivers especially Fall River. By Friday all the rivers should be receding. I just hope I can get to work today. I hope the mill river isn't over its banks.

  11. Tis alot! My son and I did a victory booty dance earlier - the first sign of sun (and apparently the last) of the day!
    My sump is working overtime ... as am I with the wet vac ... but glad to say I'm still one of the lucky ones as I'm winning the war! Did my hubby know to be on a business trip this week ???????? Hmmmm
    Hope it doesn't hinder all your moving plans!

  12. A little to the west of you it's all sunshine and warmth... hate to rub it in, hehe.

  13. kiwi gomes, my sump hasn't gone on in quite a while and the basement is drying out, which is nice. I really don't have much of a basement issue so I've been pretty lucky.

    Dan, well the sun is out now and we are getting into the 70s this weekend. Yay!