Wednesday, November 3, 2010

First Frost

Well our first frost came last night, November 3rd. I woke up and all the buildings in the area had frost on their roofs. So did my plants. The plants by the fence had just a touch of frost, but the plants at the end without the wooden fence had some pretty heavy frost.

I always love how pretty the frost is.

I guess it is time to take down the tomatoes now.

The marigolds however didn't seem affected by the frost. They are mostly lower and right on the blacktop (better known as a heat sink). They are also more hardy than my tomatoes and peppers.


  1. We had our second heavy frost lost night. I am so glad that I cleared out most of the garden!! It's cold out there!! I just love your pictures of the frost on the plants.

  2. Well I guess this is a sure sign that winter is on its way. The frost is pretty though. I planted lettuce for the first time a couple of weeks ago because plants were available. Does frost hurt lettuce?

    Thanks for your great information.

    Veggie PAK

  3. We had a heavy frost a couple of weeks ago but now it has warmed up again!! Diane

  4. I love the look of frost too. It was really cold out there this morning!

  5. Last night was the first frost for me too.
    I was not ready for it at all.
    Beautiful pictures.

  6. Robin, I wish I had picked the tomatoes again yesterday, but I did it a couple days ago and there were so few I figured it wasn't worth it. But they were the last cherry tomatoes.

    Veggie PAK, No frost doesn't hurt lettuce much at all. They can get tip burn sometimes, but usually not this early. After they have been frozen and defrosted a while that might happen. I might pull out the row cover to put over them soon.

    Food, Fun, and Life, our forecast right now says it will be cold for a while. I can only hope for some warmer weather in the middle of November. Not likely, but I can hope.

    The Mom, It was. Brrrrr.

    johanna, Now I have to finish getting my compost bins all ready to collect leaves this fall. That is what I'm not ready for it and this week is the week. I think it is on the agenda for today.

  7. Beautiful photos Daphne! We had our first frost Monday and every morning since them. Real thick stuff!

  8. Glad you were able to escape frost for so long. Most of our nights are frosty now. I had to pull the lettuce as it had taken on a bitter flavor.

  9. I sure do love the photos of frost on the greens! Especially the third one. No frost here, yet!

  10. We haven't had one yet, but I know it is on the horizon.

  11. I do love the look of frost on plants. Our first frost has come in the beginning of December the last couple of years. At the moment it is hard to fathom that that's only a month away, the current temp outside is a very balmy 80F.

  12. Dan, thanks.

    GrafixMuse, I should cover mine so it doesn't do that. I have to go down into the basement and find the other row cover. They are all falling apart. I need to get new ones in the spring.

    EG, my favorite is number two. I love the look of those little lettuces so much.

    keewee, I would think that you get frosts pretty late where you are.

    michelle, wow 80? after such a cool summer. This much be really throwing off the plants.

  13. Something kind of magical in the patterns that frost makes on plants. We have not gotten cold enough yet for frost and probably have a few more weeks before it does - but things change in a hurry so you never know! Our average first frost date is around mid November here. I have the items that I need protected already covered so it can arrive anytime it likes now. :D

  14. It's about time you got some! It makes me wish sometimes that I was closer to Boston and benefited from some of its urban warmth.

  15. Laura, mid November is usually when things start freezing around here. My lettuce will be gone by then unless I protect it.

    Thomas, lol yeah it is nice having it that much warmer.

  16. Just love the picture of the frostbitten green lettuce - gorgeous.
    Took my tomatoes down yesterday, so long!
    As I'm waiting for my husband to come home to start dinner, I have to confess that your stir fried rice looks delish!!!


    Annelie (Stow, MA)

  17. We have only had 3 very light frosts in our garden so far this fall which is somewhat unusual for us. Your lettuce does look quite beautiful with frosted leaves, it is always fun to see what plants can endure the colder weather. I was so surprised to see our calendula holding up so well after a couple frosty nights...we have never grown it before so I didn't know how hardy it was.

  18. Beautiful photos of frost on lettuce. Wish we could have evened out our temperatures. Last Wednesday, it was 100 degrees F at John Wayne Airport in Orange County, CA a few miles from where I live.