Monday, April 4, 2011

Harvest Monday - 4 April 2011

I've got nothing. No harvests yet. That is not to say I haven't used anything from my stores. I made chicken cacciatore with my tomato sauce. We had leftover chili made from stored beans and tomato sauce. I had some salsa. I didn't take photos however. I totally forgot.

I am eying the overwintered spinach. It has been growing and putting out new leaves. I might get a small harvest this week. I sure hope so. I miss the fresh greens from the garden.

Since I've been so lame this week (at least on the Harvest Monday front, not on the garden front, I have been really busy), I'm counting on all of you to give the rest of us something to see.

Harvest Monday is a day to show off your harvests, how you are saving your harvest, or how you are using your harvest. If you have a harvest you want to show off, add your name and link to Mr Linky below.


  1. Even though we use our stored harvest almost daily...I'm not very good at taking pictures or documenting it at all. I think that most of us have been quite busy trying to get our gardens ready despite Mother Nature being a bit obstinate at the moment!

    Thanks for being our Harvest Monday host!!

  2. I am so thankful I live in a climate where I can harvest fresh produce all year long!

  3. The long winter is making me a silent blogger as well as a forgetful photographer/reporter. I'm sure you won't forget to take picture when you have new and exciting vegetables growing in brand new beds this year!

  4. Leeks to the rescue! I have to work on carrots and leeks to overwinter. You'll get there soon, Daphne. The sun this weekend should have been good for spinach growing!

  5. I hope you get some fresh harvest this week. Looking forward to watch all your patch fill up soon.

  6. I think this time of year is the hardest. The sun is shining stronger and we want the harvests to go along with it, but we just have to keep waiting. Right now we're getting more snow flurries!

  7. I agree that this time of year is the worst. We're still in a winter holding pattern, but the future is bright on the horizon.

    I'm just excited I can participate for the first time since last year!!

  8. Well, I made a nice chili with my tomatoes, jalapenos and garlic. Too bad I didn't take a picture or blog about it. I got in the garden though! Our time will come.

  9. I have some overwintered curly Kale in the garden that I made Kale chips out of this weekend. The kids loved them!

  10. Modest harvest to share this week - and only one picture to share as my digital camera died this past weekend. I never take pictures of our meals - even though we use either stored or fresh produce every time - I just don't want to stop the cooking and serving process to take pictures. I do note what was prepared for the evening meal on the calendar on my site. I list out what was used from the garden and whether it was fresh harvested, from storage, frozen, or home canned.

    We continue to get unseasonably cold and heavy rains - so the garden is going in and things are growing - but very slowly. Usually I am awash in greens by this time of the year and yet I am barely squeaking out a couple of harvests a week this year.

  11. Robin, yes I've been so busy recently. I wish I had had more time and I would have gotten my onions in yesterday, but I was too busy with family.

    Grower Jim, isn't it hard to grow things over July and August down there? I usually think of the south as having two months of off season during the hot summer. Though I suppose okra grows then.

    thyme2garden, lol nope I do have photos of that. I planted this weekend and will have a post about it on Tuesday.

    Ali, I want to try overwintering them too.

    Malay, I can't wait to get more planted this week. It will be a good week to get things into the garden. At least the first wave.

    Emily, ouch. We just got cold rain and it will rain the next two days. I'm thinking we might be snow free from now on, but there is always a possibility in April.

    The Mom, it will, so soon too. May usually starts the spring planted harvests. I can't wait. They will be later this year though since we had all the snow so late.

    Ryan, yum. My kale that I over wintered is just sitting there and not growing. I hope it starts soon. It might bolt before growing.

    Laura, I've had years when the peas and spinach has already come up at this point. It has been a slow spring for us. But it looks like moderating temps this week so things out to pick up. I hope so.

  12. I am ready for real spring harvests too. I think we hit 75 degrees yesterday, but back to 40-something today

  13. Hopefully your weather will cooperate soon, Daphne, and you will be able to start harvesting those greens. Despite our wet, wet, wet (did I mention wet?) weather I actually had a very nice harvest of my Asian greens...and have posted one of my favorite recipes using them in a Thai Style Crab Fried Rice :)

  14. No harvest for me either but progress in the garden and the promise of future harvests!

  15. I hope your weather warms up soon so you can sow all your veggie seeds.
    I manage to harvest some "wild greens" this week, these are perennial vegetables in our garden, it's almost like something I don't have to "work" for.

  16. I had spinach this week, but soon enough it will be far too hot here!

  17. I managed to photograph one of my harvests this week so there's a bit of green to see over my way. Your first harvest of spinach is going to be so yummy, I can't wait to see it!

  18. This is my first Harvest Monday. I'm glad to be part of the group!

  19. We finally got one harvest: maple sap for syrup!

  20. Found your posting right after I harvested some tomato's so I just had to join in.

  21. Well, I had a bit of a harvest this week...and looks like there will be plenty more where that came from! Yahoo! I am fighting with some snails, tho! Damn!

    come see my harvest!

  22. I can't wait to see not just your spinach next week, but all the wonderful food your garden will give you through the summer. The best part of this time of year is all that we get to look forward to!

  23. This should be fun . . . and definitely a challenge in the winter . . .

  24. ali, I could use a nice 75 degree day.

    Deb, the pacific NW has really been getting slammed with rain. I hope it lets up a bit for you soon.

    Marcia, I'm finally planting up some of my beds. I can't wait until July when it turns into a jungle.

    Mac, No work is always good. I have little of that going in.

    Barbie, I'm hoping I get a harvest of my recently planted spinach before I have to rip it out for the beans.

    michelle, me either. I want some harvests soon.

    Jody, welcome

    Ottawa gardener, now there is a harvest I can really appreciate. My townhouse mates and I keep eying the one maple tree on the property. I don't know if one is worth it though. How much can you get from one, once it is all boiled down? It is too small right now anyway, but it will grow.

    Melissa, yum tomatoes

    Lynda, I never had snails in my last garden. It was always the slugs, but this garden has snails. And quite a few. Ick.

    Christina, This summer will be fun if I can keep up with it all.

    Really Rose, yes it is a challenge. But it is fun to try.