Monday, May 2, 2011

Harvest Monday - 2 May 2011

Lets just say this was a good week. I'll mostly let the photos speak for themselves.

Mixed salad fare

Turnip micro greens too small to measure - a result of thinning

Many salads were eaten with homemade French dressing

And more greens picked when they ran out

But the really fun part was my first ever harvest of Choy Sum (thanks for the seeds Mac)

I simply stirfried with some garlic. It was so good

I wasn't sure about harvesting Choy Sum since I'd never done it before. Can I cut it like Chinese broccoli and get subsequent harvests? Well half the plants I cut at the bottom since the stem looked so good. It was. The stem might be my favorite part. With a close second to the small flowers. The other half I cut part way up the stem to see if it will branch. If the branches aren't big enough then it wasn't worth it, but you never know. Well maybe you do if you grow it. I just don't know yet. I wish I had some more Choy Sum seedlings to put in now. I'm wondering if it is too late to start some more. It would be mid to late March when they get planted and then the heat starts.

So the harvest totals this week are:

  • Lettuce 4.9 oz
  • Spinach 6.3 oz
  • Mizuna 2.3 oz
  • Bok Choy 2.8 oz
  • Choy Sum 9.3 oz
  • Fun Jen 2.3 oz
  • Tatsoi 2.1 oz
  • Chives 0.3 oz
  • Weekly Total 1.8lbs
  • Yearly Total: 4.0 lbs
  • Still in the hole: $-481.37

Harvest Monday is a day to show off your harvests, how you are saving your harvest, or how you are using your harvest. If you have a harvest you want to show off, add your name and link to Mr Linky below.


  1. It's still greens for me too but not quite the mix you have.

  2. My goodness Daphne...everything looks absolutely wonderful and tasty too!!

    I think it will be greens and more greens for a lot of us for a while.

  3. Isn't it fun harvesting something new for the first time? I mostly grow tree fruits, so I sometimes have to wait several years before I get a taste!

  4. Wow, great harvest. It all looks so good. Our cool spring would have been great for Asian greens but I was slow getting things started this winter. Oh well... Enjoy!

  5. Great harvest of greens, Daphne. I believe choy sum will produce subsequent side shoots. I saw seeds for choy sum at the asian market in Boston the other day so you could probably find some locally. I didn't grow any this spring but I may start some seeds now.

  6. Interesting new plant (Choy Sum), I am not familiar with it but it looks like another great asian green to try. Your harvest was bountiful this week and your meals look yummy! I can never get pictures of our meals using the garden produce as it rushes right to the table and none of us are patient enough to wait for a photo op moment first!

  7. Thanks for introducing me to yet another new vegetable, choy sum! Your greens look lush. Aside from garlic and onion, the greens in my garden are still tiny. I'm very impatiently waiting for lovely harvests like yours!

  8. I love that choy sum too. I didn't grow any this spring. I ran out of room. I'm going to try planting some later in part shade and see if it survives the heat.

  9. Choy Sum...I'll have to go find me some! Great first harvest. Love the contrasting green colors! Beautiful!

  10. Wow, it all looks delicious, nothing beats a really fresh salad!

  11. Lovely crunchy fresh green Daphne! Happy to know you like choy sums. We always grow them in spring and fall. But they bolt here if grow during summer. I am collecting choy sum seeds at the moment. Does not take much space as it is flowering under okra plants.

  12. Your harvest look lush. I miss the green part already, and it's only been 4 days since I've had lettuce! LOL

  13. That is a healthy, tasty looking line up of meals.

  14. Everything looks yummy! I've had several good harvests of lettuce, chard and kale and Asian vegetables. I harvested a big hod of Asian greens yesterday and made a "Thai Fusion" feast for some friends. I've posted a couple of my recipes on todays blog post :)

  15. Love those greens you have. I like choy sum a lot especially the flower tip stem, it will regrow with side shoots if the weather stays cool.

  16. Marcia, I'm loving the mix of greens in my salad. About half or more of the salad isn't lettuce right now. Later on it will change.

    Robbin, green is the color of spring. I know I'll get sick of it, but not yet. Right now I'm loving it.

    Grower Jim, I love harvesting new things. Sometimes I'm not a fan, but Choy Sum is really good. I'll be growing more of it in the fall I'm sure.

    Ali, too bad. At least you have lettuce.

    Thomas, that is good to hear. I'll be on the look out for more shoots. I have plenty of seed left, but it would be so late getting them in that I'd be afraid they would bolt too fast and not make that tasty stalk. I suppose it doesn't hurt to try though.

    Laura, A lot of those were lunches, but the last one was dinner. I had put it on the table and my husband had already started eating. I just brought over the camera. He laughs at me a little when I take photos at the kitchen table.

    thyme, I hope they start growing for you. This location is so much warmer than my last location, so things produce faster. I'm as early as last year and this was a cold year compared to last.

    villager, I hadn't thought of shading it to make it last longer. That would be a good idea. I'll probably just wait until fall to grow it again though.

    Lynda, it is very tasty.

  17. Annanas, no nothing does. Especially with freshly made dressing. I think I may experiment with different dressings this spring.

    Diana, I only had a small number of plants. I'm not letting any of them go to seed. But then they are growing under a row cover so it would be hard to make sure they got pollinated.

    Barbie, I've been eating it every day, twice a day most of the time. I love having fresh greens again.

    Ottawa Gardener, over winter I ate just horribly. At least now I'm eating healthy again. But then gardening usually makes me eat better as I'm always trying to use up the produce.

    Deb, yum that sounds delicious.

    Mac, well we are getting some cool weather this coming week. It is hovering around 60F-70F so that should be good.

  18. Everything looks great! What is your recipe for your French dressing?

  19. Absolutely beautiful greens. With all the varieties you are growing, there will be no boring salads while you wait for summer crops to kick in.

  20. Ali, I got it from Allrecipes. Though I only made about a third of the recipe as I didn't know how I'd like it. I thought the recipe was a bit too sweet. I'll cut down on it next time. I might change it around a bit too.

    GrafixMuse, no the salads aren't boring at all. I'm still hoping my radishes grow fast though. I want to add them to my salads.

  21. Wow that's a lot of food for this time of year in your region. I love it!

  22. HEllo DAphne! I have been doing the same almost everyday I got to my bed of greens and get fresh lettuce, radishes and some herbs..thanks for sharing, delicious salad!! ;)

  23. What lovely spring harvests you have had this week! Your salads looked delicious!

  24. Those Asian greens are so reliable, aren't they? Your harvests and dishes look very tasty!

  25. Great mix of greens. My greens are just coming on now.

  26. I miss my greens already. I'll be harvesting seed soon. This fall I'll try sowing in fall to harvest all winter.

    Keep your fingers crossed.

  27. Those greens look so good, they make my mouth water. Mine are growing, just very slowly . . . in our record setting cold temperatures . . .

  28. Jody, it is especially for the cold spring we had earlier. But this house is warmer than my last house and I have a much bigger garden.

    Emily, thanks

    Andrea, I only do it about every other day. Anytime the greens run out that are in the fridge.

    Megan, thanks

    gardenvariety-hoosier, thanks

    balblo, yes they are. Well in a place without slugs at least. They were a challenge at the last house.

    Tracy, thanks

    The Keeper, I'll have to remember to collect seed too from my lettuce this year. I really need some little gem and Paris island lettuce seed.

    Really Rose, we had some really cold weather too, but recently the weather shifted and got warm. A bit too warm too. But this week will be more moderate. Pretty average in fact.

  29. I have enjoyed reading everyone's harvests for the week. Thank you for hosting this. I was hoping to find someone that gardens in zone 4. I would certainly have a lot more in common with them but do enjoy looking at the warmer area and thinking someday mine will look like that but a few months later.