Monday, June 27, 2011

Harvest Monday - June 27 2011

Monday's chamomile.

This week had a super large harvest. Since I didn't harvest anything the week before from Thursday-Sunday, all those peas got into this week's tally. I took a total of five photos from last Monday.

Monday's zucchini were unpollinated. No male blossoms had opened yet.

Monday's greens harvest basket.

Monday's odds and ends basket.

Monday's peas with a few fava beans.

On Wednesday I picked a couple more zucchini and some dill that wasn't photographed. Then On Thursday I had some more unphotographed bunching onions and parsley for the quiche I made last week.

On Friday it was time to pick the peas again. Actually it was past time to pick the peas. I would have done it Thursday but the rain last week kept me out of the garden a lot. Friday morning it drizzled a bit, but didn't pour on me while I was out. And as you might notice I also picked my first beets. A lot of those peas went to my friends' CSA share. I think I put too much in there though. The week before I weighted it so I wouldn't put more than two pounds in. I mean really how many peas can one person eat? I had no trouble with my portion though. I ate the last in my fridge yesterday grilled with olive oil, salt and pepper. I've snacked on them too. But the bulk of my peas went into pickled peas. I now have enough in the fridge to get me partway through the summer. If I get a lot more this week, I'll make one more batch. I really need to get some quart canning jars to put them in. I have a couple random containers, but they are awkward. The one jar I have that is a quart is the perfect size.

Saturday's harvest was picked early in the morning. As soon as I got inside it started to pour. Sadly I had to go out into that to the hardware store to spend money on the garden. I bought a bottle of Seranade. I'll talk about why in a future post. Maybe on the last of the month in the tradition of Garden Bloggers Death Day.

  • Alliums 1.06 lbs
  • Fava Beans 0.72 lbs
  • Broccoli 0.27 lbs
  • Cucurbits 0.46
  • Greens 3.28 lbs
  • Herbs 1.24 lbs
  • Peas 9.16 lbs
  • Root veggies 1.21 lbs
  • Weekly Total 17.40 lbs
  • Weekly Spent $21
  • Yearly Total 87.44 lbs
  • Still in the hole $-185.00

Harvest Monday is a day to show off your harvests, how you are saving your harvest, or how you are using your harvest. If you have a harvest you want to show off, add your name and link to Mr Linky below.


  1. Your harvests have really diversified this week! I'm amazed at all those peas!

  2. wow those zucchini look pretty large for not being pollinated. Pictures, you never can tell! Nice harvest this week! Looking Beautiful!!!

  3. Beautiful picturesque harvests! Isn't it fun growing all that wonderful food in your own back yard? I love it!

  4. Blighty, mate, not Serenade! Uh oh....

    Gorgeous harvests, as always. I can hardly wait for peas like yours!

  5. You're harvest looks great as always. I'm jealous of the zucchini! Vine borers are such a problem here I can't start mine till July 1.

  6. Oh what I wouldn't give to get my peas to be as productive as yours! Mine are still squeezing out some, but only in oz and definitely not lbs since the first week. I agree with you - no such as thing as too many peas! Well, up to a point, I guess. :)

    Thank you for your detailed comment regarding garlic harvest on my post yesterday! Now I have to think about when the best time would be to harvest the remainder of my garlic.

  7. What a lovely harvest! Next week I'll have more to share because the zucchinis will be ready to pick any day, also peppers, the garlic will be pulled as will the onions and maybe there will be a cucumber ready to harvest. Anticipation of things to come!

  8. I'm having a similar problem with my bedded squashes, no male blossoms but tons of females. My container squashes are putting out males so I'm doing a lot of hand pollinating. I think that if the soil is too rich you get more females.

  9. oops, also meant to mention that my zucchini is currently all males and now female flowers. Maybe our plants should meet.

  10. Your harvest are so varied and many newcomers from your garden this week. So many peas! I was wondering what size is good to harvest beetroot. So glad you harvested some this week.

  11. What a wonderful variety you have. You must be thrilled! I'm still at the peas and strawberry stage....but I've been eyeing my carrots!!

  12. Those peas, beets, and baby zucchini look really beautiful. All three are missing from my garden for the time being. My sugar snap peas got a late start due to weather and then have been slow to get moving on flowering. They look like they are getting ready to bloom for the first time, so I have reason to hope. My beets are just younger and in an area that does not get optimal sun - so they will be later too. As for the zucchini... (sigh) another late comer due to weather.

    Nice harvest this week! Enjoy those peas, beets, and baby zucchini!

  13. Things are really starting to roll in now for you; how lucky! Everything looks great!

  14. Boy Daphne, your new garden is really producing well for you! Everything looks absolutely wonderful....I think that you are going to have a great year!!

  15. Everything looks so great Daphne!

  16. This is just an awesome harvest! I love Chamomile it smells so good.

  17. You may not have 'too much' now, but it looks like you will pretty soon!

  18. Your zucchini look great for not being pollinated. All I have had are male blossoms, I would trade some of my male blossoms for some of your female ones then maybe we both could have zucchini.

  19. The diversity of your harvests inspire me to grow...well...more diverse crops!!! And your peas!!! Oh my goodness! Fantastic!

  20. Love the picture of the chamomile. Mine is only just up this year and I'm looking very much forward to it! -Shanon

  21. That's a lot of peas. I wish we'd had that much success this year.

  22. Beautiful harvests! I'd like to ask you about growing chamomile ... do you need to contain it like mint? Any growing tips would be appreciated....

  23. I am so looking forward to my summer squash...I'm getting it at the Farmers Market now. Yours just makes my mouth water...and the peas...oo-la-la!

  24. What a beautiful variety of bounty from your garden this week. Peas even look delicious and I don't even like peas. The baby zukes look so cute. I bet they were nice and tender.

  25. Emily, I'm amazed by all the peas too. They can be so prolific.

    Shawn Ann, they were about three, maybe four inches long. So they weren't tiny, but not large at all.

    Veggie PAK, yes it is great fun.

    Ali, No not blight thank goodness, though that was the last time I used it. 2009 was a bad summer. Last year I never needed to spray it at all. Everything was so dry.

    Ed, we have bad vine borers too, but they usually don't show up until mid July. I usually see borer damage by the beginning of August. Sometimes the zucchini live through it and sometimes they don't. And sometimes it was like last year. They had really bad damage, but the vines lived on. They weren't strong enough to support big zukes, but they would send out female flowers and I'd cut them about the time they were pollinated. I got a lot of 5"x1" zucchini that way. But never big ones.

    Thyme, mine aren't producing much right now either. I expect to have another wave from them all soon as they put out new branches, but it could be another week.

    Marcia, I can't wait for my zukes to rev up too. I'll regret saying that I'm sure.

    mediaOrganic, I've finally got a couple of males and I've been hand pollinating to make sure they set. I usually don't have this much of an issue. Usually Costata Romanesca puts out lots and lots of big male blossoms.

    thyme, I finally have a few males, so maybe you will get your females soon.

    Diana, Well I'd never harvested beets before, but I had seen them at the market, so guessed by that.

  26. Sue, I'd kill for some strawberries from the garden. Alas I've had to buy them from the farmers market. I do have some flowers from one on an everbearer and I'm just going to let it set now. I hope they've been in the ground long enough to support them.

    Laura, my beets were just an afterthought really. I had a bit of space when I put in the onion seedlings so plopped in some beet seeds. Some did well. Some are struggling.

    Allison, they are. With the upcoming hot weather predicted for this week, I think a lot of things wills start to take off.

    Robin, I hope so. I just wish my cukes would start. I saw some female blossoms finally, but they don't want to set. They are parthenocarpic so I don't need the bees help. But I guess the plants want some warmth before they do anything.

    Fred, thanks

    Alicia, thanks. I'm drying some today so the whole house smells of it. Yum.

    Barbie, I hope so. I have mixed feelings about the too much part. I love to be able to harvest it all, and always have things that I want to eat at that moment. But sometimes not everything gets eaten then.

    Vanessa, would that we could. I've got a couple of males now though. So I've been hand pollinating to make sure. I still don't have a lot of bees in the garden, just a few.

    Bee Girl, It is fun to have the space to be diverse. In the past there just wasn't room to put in some things.

    Shanon, it is wonderful when used fresh. I do dry a lot for the winter though.

    Jody, I have given them a lot of space.

    Deb, no you don't need to contain it. It doesn't spread via roots. It dies back in the winter (well most of the time) but it self seeds readily and will come up every spring.Once you get a patch started it is easy. The biggest pain is the seed is like dust. So starting it without washing it away is harder. I think the first time I started a patch I just seeded outside and it worked fine. This time I started them inside and that worked out ok too. Plus I could space the plants apart appropriately when I put them out.

  27. Those early zukes with the flowers on must be really good. I'm still salivating over that quiche in your previous post.

  28. I love all your harvest Daphne! ou are true dedicated gardener
    how big is your plot?

  29. Beautiful and diverse harvest as usual, I have the same problem with squash, those boys and girls don't party on the same day.

  30. Your week looks wonderful as usual! Thanks for sharing it and thanks for hosting - I'm enjoyed keeping track of what we've got this year.

  31. Holy peas! Great harvest a usual. Your beets are picture perfect.

  32. Oh wow, your harvest is just amazing!!

  33. I love that you're harvesting such a diverse crop! Lots of colors!! Enjoy!

  34. Congrats on an amazingly successful garden - your tally is wonderful... I am anxious to watch your numbers skyrocket as the summer progresses. ;)

  35. A fab harvest as usual Daphne! I haven't heard of Garden Bloggers Death Day - oh dear.

  36. GrafixMuse, The baby zukes were great. Some I ate in my morning eggs and some in a stir fry. Yum.

    gardenvariety-hoosier, that would be a good place to put some baby zucchini too. I don't know if I've ever put zucchini in a quiche before.

    Andrea, the raised beds are about 570 sqft.

    Mac, I planted two varieties this year and two sets of each at different times to try to get them to open at different times. But it never works. You just have to wait until they decide to put out different flowers.

    zentmrs, I almost decided last year not to keep track, but then I just did it anyway. I like seeing how much I get and it is useful information to tell you what varieties or crops do better.

    Nartaya, thanks. I've never grown beets before since I hate them. But I love how they look. So pretty. Luckily I have others that will eat them for me.

    meemsnyc, thanks

    Holly, thanks

    Cathy and Steve, I hope they do take off. I can't wait for the tomato harvest.

    growinginmygarden, yeah it was created by Kate of Gardening Without Skills, but she hasn't been posting recently.

  37. Hi Daphne, you are such huge inspiration to newbie gardeners like me. I started reading your expeiences couple years back and totally jumped into growing some food :) Your experiences are amazing and photos are eye-candy.