Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Weird Weather

This fall has had some extremely unusual weather here at the dandelion patch. Usually our ground gets and stays frozen for the winter around the middle of November. This year the ground is still unfrozen. I don't remember a Thanksgiving that I could harvest fresh dill unless it was covered. I can this year. I went out and harvested some for Dill and Maple Sugar Carrots for tomorrow.

Carrot leaves

On Monday I woke up to only our second freeze of the year. The frost was so beautiful. But as soon as the sun touched it, it was gone. So I could only photograph the plants still in the shade. By afternoon the ground was unthawed again.


I meant to write this post on Monday, but that didn't happen and then Tuesday didn't happen. Sometimes it is hard to find a minute free to blog.


We might get one more freeze in November. Tonight. Or we might not. As usual the weather men disagree and one says it will be 26F tonight. Another says only 31F. Then they all agree it will be warm and sunny on Friday and Saturday, so the freeze won't stick. It looks like the ground won't freeze solid until sometime in December. Though I have to say I'm wondering if winter won't ever come.

And in other news, I had a cold over the last week so my husband for the first time every helped me play bag lady. We collected leaves from our neighborhood curbs. I filled up two of the bins. Some are still in the bags, but as the leaves below compress I'll add in more leaves to the bins.


  1. Funny how those are our temps in Sept. I always thought you got lots of snow, but I guess I just don't know that much about that part of the country. Time to do some reading!

  2. Great pictures! Here in the UK we have also had an unusually mild Autumn. We had our first frost here in Fleet today (23 Nov).

  3. Love your pics Daphne! It sure has been a warm fall so far. I think that we have only had a couple of goods frosts too. The ground isn't even beginning to freeze. We had a tremendous amount of rain last night. It's now quite windy and supposed to get warm.

    Maybe you should get a cold (or pretend to) every fall....if that's what it takes to get a little help :) Maybe I should do that!

  4. Hi,

    We haven't even had that much frost yet... Wondering when ours will arrive. Hopefully never as I do miss our relatively mild winters - i.e. little snow (most years none) and the odd frost here and there.

  5. The weather has been very strange here all year so I am not surprised that it is still strange with such high temps here in Nov. I am not a gloom and doom person but I can't think all this sudden climate change is a good thing.

  6. Love your frosty pics ;-) I got a windfall of about 18 garbage bags of leaves, most will go in the compost; some will go as much around a few things. Out weather has been warmer the last few years too. Actually what's happened is it used to snow lightly every couple of weeks from Thanksgiving to Easter. Now it's warmer in the fall and it doesn't snow until Jan. and sometimes as late as April

  7. Becky, Living at the shore and being long in the tooth, I find myself looking at the sea level projections and wondering, will it get into the yard before I croak, or am I safe until then :-(

    I also worry about the prolonged drought effects on the midwest and Texas. That's really going to hit people's livelihoods and the food supply, I fear, as well as animal well-being.

  8. We finally had our first frost/freeze a few days ago but it was followed by 5 inches of rain in less than 48 hours and warmer (all relative of course) temps.

    Hope you have a good thanksgiving and that you are over your cold.

  9. Beautiful pics of the frost! Yay! for getting those bags of leaves. Your garden layout looks really nice!

  10. The weather has been strange here, too (in NM). Our fall has been very mild and I am currently looking outside at fog! Yes, fog...which never happen here!

  11. Nov 29 - I tilled leaves into the garden today in New Brunswick, Canada. Crazy warm weather!