Thursday, May 24, 2012

Thursday's Kitchen Cupboard

I was talking to my son recently and mentioned I had fresh strawberries coming out of the garden. He will be visiting in a month and was hoping for smoothies. I don't know if the strawberry harvest will last that long. I do have everbearers, but their production isn't that high and I have just a third of the area devoted to them. I wanted to make sure that we had plenty when he came.

So I froze a batch. Freezing strawberries is so easy. Just wash, dry, and put them on a sheet in the freezer. Once they are frozen I stick them in a ziplock bag.

Now for the next big batch I'm going to make jam. I haven't made strawberry jam in years.

Robin of The Gardener of Eden hosts Thursday's Kitchen Cupboard so join everyone with what they are preserving or cooking up from the garden.


  1. I need to make jam this year too. Skipped it entirely last year because we go through it so slowly. But we are using our last jar right now. Good timing as the strawberries will be here in just a few weeks.

    I am hoping to have a reasonable enough sized harvest that I CAN freeze some for later use. :D

  2. Oh, so much berries! I wish I could have so gorgeous harvest! Good Luck!

  3. I've never made jam. Will you be going over the process with your next big batch? Any suggestions for a jam novice?

    1. Sure next week I'll try to get the strawberry jam up.

  4. I love frozen strawberries! My grandpa used to freeze them for me when I was younger, and I would snack on them all day long. They are just like little popsicles to me.

  5. Those strawberries look heavenly! We won't be getting many strawberries this year. So, I will have to go to a U-Pick it farm and get some for jam. We just love strawberry jam!

  6. Very nice. I have frozen strawberries many times. It is great because you can make smoothies without adding ice if you just add the frozen strawberries :)

  7. Hi, Your son will just love those smoothies! I am also looking forward to your jam recipe. Nancy

  8. I'm sooo jealous of all those pretty strawberries! They will definitely make delicious smoothies.