Thursday, September 13, 2012

Fridge Challenge

Michelle at From Seed To Table asked if we would show off candid shots of our fridge to see what we have in them. So here goes.

But you can't really tell what is in it without a description. Top shelf on the left has my refrigerator pickles and some homemade salad dressing. In the front are some red little cloths. That is where I put things too cool down quickly if necessary. Right now the spot is empty. On the right in the back are my seeds in an airtight container. In the large plastic container is an experiment. I chopped up a pineapple and added some cilantro. Then poured over half a fifth of spiced rum. I let them sit for two days. I've been eating them since. Cilantro is a good mix with them. But there is a bitterness to the mix that I'm not sure where it comes from. And when I cook it (had some on salmon the other night) the bitterness goes away, and the taste is divine.

The next shelf has two cartons of eggs from the farmers market. Then in the middle leftovers of blueberry zucchini bread and the aforementioned salmon. To the right is my greens bin. I find greens store best in a plastic bin that they fill up, but aren't crushed in. I keep a towel on the bottom so they don't sit in moisture and rot. It keeps them fresh a long long time.

Next shelf has a bag of cabbage. Behind that I keep my batteries. Then some almost gone eggs from Jocelyn, a farming friend of my townhousemates (who I've gotten pork from and some horse manure compost in the spring). She has the BEST eggs. So much better than the farmers market eggs. I don't get many over the course of a summer, but I wish I did. On the right of the shelf are some cut up finger veggies in those take out containers. Many years ago I bought them in bulk. I store everything in them. In a little one is some yogurt dip that I use with the veggies. Beside them is a bottle of CBC beer.

The next level are two drawers. The left side stores my cheese and deli meats. I don't usually have deli meats in there, but today I have some turkey. And lots of cheese. I love cheese. On the right is a drawer full of carrots. I pulled them in June and will eat them until the fall carrots come in. Luckily carrots keep well if tightly wrapped to keep them moist. I also use the towel underneath to keep them from rotting. And there are two kohlrabi in there too.

The bottom thin drawer I use for veggies and fruit. It is just the right size to fit those takeout containers. They contain all sorts of small bits of odds and ends. Often beans, peas, turnips, radishes, herbs, etc. I also have apples from the farmers market in there and onions that have been partially used.

So there you have it. My fridge. Not too exciting, but pretty representative of how I eat. Oh and so I don't miss out on Thursday's Kitchen Cupboard with Robin, I'll show you the one thing I froze this last week for winter.

I picked a nice head of Chinese cabbage, some cilantro, and turned it into cabbage soup. I had some for lunch that day, but the rest is all frozen. What I wanted to do was make applesauce, but the large cheaper bags of apples at the farmers market were gone by the time I got there. Next week I'll have to get there right when it opens. Maybe I'll take the car if my husband will leave it for me and I can pick up some of the winter meats too.


  1. You are braver than me! I'm afraid the health department would show up if I did truly candid shots of our frig.

    The cabbage soup looks and sounds good. I am actually looking forward to soup weather, which is forecast to be here next week.

    1. I clean out my fridge on a weekly basis. I did it last Sunday I think. So I usually don't have science experiments. Occasionally if something gets pushed to the back.

  2. Daphne, your frig looks great! Mine isn't too bad right now since "The Italian" cleaned it. I'm sure it will be a mess in another week or two!

  3. Thanks for sharing Daphne! I use some of the same tricks that you do, the greens in containers works really well. And it works great for snap peas and green beans also, at least until I run out of space for containers and have to use bags. I also put fragile fruits like strawberries into containers with a towel on top to absorb condensation and they will keep for at least a week. I've got a cheese & deli drawer also, we eat a lot of cheese and I like to have pig parts on hand (bacon, pancetta, and prosciutto). I only shop once a week so my fridge tends to get rather stuffed on Friday (shopping day) and then gets a bit more roomy looking by Thursday night (leftover night).

  4. You are very brave showing your fridge - actually make that very good at fridge up keep, especially compared with me - actually pretty much everyone is good at keeping up with their fridge compared with me though. Weekly is just impressive.

  5. I love Dave's comment, but we're going for it anyway. I'm going to post it later today! How fun. Your fridge looks awesome! It's full of healthy stuff, and so organized. Ours... well, what can I say. We try!

  6. Very nice fridge. I did the fridge challenge as well but mine is not nearly that pretty, lol.

  7. My fridge looks quite similar but it needs a wipe down so I am not going to share a pic of it! Our cheese drawer is stuffed too... lots of chunks of parmesan to be grated when needed, and other fun varieties to eat with fruit, vegetables, hummus, or crackers.