Monday, June 10, 2013

Harvest Monday, June 10th, 2013

My first harvest was for ingredients for potstickers - bunching onions, cilantro, and garlic chives.

Though I didn't photograph them all I had several herb harvests to dry. I picked more thyme and some dill.

Though the snap peas weren't quit ready, they were still tasty small. I know I'll have too many soon, so small is fine. I ate them and the turnips with a yogurt dip for lunch.

I harvested all my garlic scapes. There are so many things you can do with garlic scapes. I've made scape dressing with them. I've put them on pizzas and done stir fries.

From the grill: flounder, whole wheat bread, mixed vegetables

But one of my favorites is grill them. Sometimes I grill them with other veggies as you see above (bok choy and scallions). Last night I had them grilled by themselves with some terriyaki beef. I have a friend that thinks it would be too much to eat them alone, but I think they mellow just enough with cooking.

Sauteed shrimp and Michihili cabbage with a lemon butter sauce, saffron rice

Scapes weren't the only thing I was eating this week. I'm still trying to finish up all those veggies I picked last week. I'll be working through them all week long.

  • Alliums 2.14 lbs
  • Herbs 0.98 lbs
  • Peas 0.11 lbs
  • Roots 0.28 lbs
  • Weekly Tally 3.50 lbs
  • Yearly Tally 56.81 lbs, -$159.78
  • Fruit
  • Strawberries 1.27 lbs
Harvest Monday is a day to show off your harvests, how you are saving your harvest, or how you are using your harvest. If you have a harvest you want to show off, add your name and link to Mr Linky below.


  1. Wow you got a lot of scapes! All looks nice. Great healthy looking meals!

  2. Your meals always look so good and there is always such a variety of foods! I bet you never get bored.

  3. Oh wow! You have garlic scapes! Mine haven't begun to form any yet. Garlic scapes last forever in the crisper drawer too. Last year I found some at least a month after harvest that had been washed and stored in a zipper bad with a paper towel. They were still good.

    Such a beautiful harvest this week. I didn't have anything other than kale that wasn't photographed.

  4. You already have snap peas, mine are just starting to flower. Started harvesting my garlic scape also.

  5. Nice harvest, as usual. A lot of garlic scapes!
    Btw, thanks for the hoop house explanation. I will try making one, hopefully it'll discourage rabbits or groundhogs from visiting my garden. They took down my entire peas and cabbages, and now moving on to my chards!

  6. Nice bunch of scapes. Mine are just starting to emerge. I agree with you on grilled vegetables. I will try the grilled scapes as well as grilled young favas when I get them.

  7. Very nice turnips, peas and scapes! I've never planted turnips so will try them for winter garden.

  8. It must be the week for scapes. I harvested all of mine this week as well. As GrafixMuse mentioned in a previous comment, they keep so well in the fridge which allows for a easy approach to using them up. I plan to use mine over the course of the next two weeks in stir fries mostly. Your herbs look great and your meals tasty!

  9. We're still behind your lush harvests though it feels as if we've finally turned the corner here in New England!

  10. All the things you harvested this week look so succulent and mouth-watering! I had my first Turnips of the year yesterday, and they were very tasty indeed.

  11. Beautiful greens! Lucky you! We're having poor weather this year delaying everything (:

  12. Garlic scapes are something that just doesn't happen in my garden. I felt lucky to get any garlic at all this year, it seemed to be on the verge of breaking out with rust or some other nasty disease. Isn't it wonderful to be feasting on veggies fresh from the garden again!

  13. I don't grow scapes but have pulled a couple green onions. I like to use thyme but it is such a pain to get off the stems. Do you have an easy way? Snap peas.....yum! Can't wait for mine! Nancy

    1. It is never easy, but the easiest for me is to dry the leaves on the stem. Then when it is crisp dry, I run my fingers up and down the stems. The leaves come right off. Occasionally a side branch does too and you have to pick those out.

  14. Never had the chance to harvest scape when I used to grow garlic. Garlic does not like the weather here in the tropics.
    I feel hungry again looking at your dish.

  15. Our climate is too warm to grow decent garlic scapes - or that has been my experience so far. I will keep trying though as they look amazing and I imagine they taste as good as they look.

  16. Wow, nice fat garlic scapes, I don't think I'll get scapes this year as I planted the garlic in spring and is rather late.

  17. Always love reading what you do with garlic scapes, I haven't been lucky enough to grow them either....
    Baby snow peas....what a treat!!!

  18. I am always in admiration of your fabulous harvests. Love the scapes and for the first time in my life I think I want to grow turnips. They look so cute and delicious.

  19. Can you share your garlic scape dressing? I just harvested 24 scape. Thank you in advance.
    Louise Stafford Va