Friday, March 28, 2014

Sowing Seeds

My earlier sown seeds are doing well. Usually my onions would be downstairs by the back door now. They would be going in and out each day and night, but with the weather, they have been stuck under lights. I think next week after the rain stops on Monday I'll be able to bring them outside though. The temperatures have started to moderate.

Today I sowed many of the brassicas and some more lettuce. I filled up a whole flat. I really wanted a few more rows, but I didn't want to start another flat.

Basically I didn't want to have to turn on a third light. I do have it, but I don't like to use it unless absolutely necessary.

So instead I decided to put the second sowing of baby Asian greens into little trays to start growing outside. They have covers that I can take off it gets hot, or leave on if it is cold. Well for the first week maybe. Then they have to come off as the plants will get too tall. But I can always bring them inside if it gets too cold outdoors for them.

I'm starting to feel more confident that spring is really here. I know the light is here as our solar panels are finally making enough to cover our electrical needs. But the warmth has been pretty late. The seeds I sowed today were a week later than my printed planting schedule says to start them. But I wasn't confident that it would be warm enough for them if I started them at the normal time. Usually I've planted my peas, favas, and spinach by now. But my garden is still frozen. The circle garden seem to be thawing out fine, but the main garden is still solid. I'm thinking of moving the baby Asian greens to the circle garden this spring. My plan has them elsewhere, but the soil there will be so much warmer. They will have to be out by June 1st so I can plant my melons, but that is not a big issue.

Interestingly enough last year was a bit late too, but not nearly as bad as this year. I planted my peas exactly a year ago today. Two years ago I planted peas on February 28th, which is so early as to be unheard of. But that was the winter that wasn't. This was a winter that didn't want to leave.


  1. Looks like a wonderful start for your garden. I love this time of year!

  2. Your onions look so healthy. Mine didn't do so well this year, I may have to resort to starts or sets. I have to say, I am pretty happy that the temperatures are warmer. They are still below normal, but much warmer than they have been giving me hope that spring may arrive after all.

  3. Your onions look great! I planted my onion sets in pots today with my ear muffs and winter jacket on. Hope they grow! I am wondering if the salad containers I have would work like you did for sowing seeds and setting outdoors. Hmmmm. You have a great start so hope your weather cooperates now! Nancy

  4. It will be interesting to see whether the Summer / Autumn goes on longer before starting the next Winter. It's almost as if the seasons have slipped a bit! They do say that late-sown seeds tend to catch up, so hopefully this will happen for you.
    I admire your indoor growing arrangements - especially the fan. That's not something that everyone would think of.

  5. Your onions look great, especially for having spent their lives under artificial light. I have to get my seed starting going this week. I can't believe it is already almost April!

  6. Yeah, I'm starting to get itchy for playing in the dirt. We should be direct sewing some spinach & radish right now, but alas, I think we'll start another round under the lights. Soon though- I can feel it!

  7. I started some lettuce and asian greens a couple of weeks ago. They have grown well. I will take a chance and transplant them out with weekend under some row covers. Now it's on to the next batch! I'm trying to be better at doing successive sowings of greens this year. Your onions look great by the way!