Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Unwrapping the Figs

Yesterday was a beautiful day. I wasn't really quite physically up to doing gardening chores, but I really wanted to go out and unwrap the figs. So I went out anyway and then came back in and collapsed when I was done.

Figs are not hardy here. They would die back to their roots every year if they weren't protected. So I protect them. I cover them in leaves. Add insulation and then for one fig tree I added more leaves and a tarp. I'm experimenting with the more well wrapped one. I'm hoping I can keep enough of the branches alive to get a first crop. Last year all the breba crop dropped off last year. It might not be possible to keep the branches well enough protected to get one. But it never hurts to try.

The main crop grows off of new growth. So I keep the main trunk of the tree growing horizontal along a supporting pipe. It is very low to the ground which makes it easy for me to insulate. And the new branches will go up the wires. The fig certainly puts on fruit well this way. But in our short and coolish summer it is really iffy if I get a crop. Last year I got a handful of figs. They weren't as sweet as figs grown in a climate made for them, but it was something. Some year I may give up on them but not yet.

I won't really know how much of the trees survived our bad winter until they start to leaf out. I can see some winter damage, but I really can't tell the extent of it yet. My main hope is that the trunk survives. With that, the branches will shoot up quickly.


  1. I'm glad you got a nice day at last! Your way of growing Figs is certainly novel. I have a Fig tree now, but it is small enough to bring indoors during the Winter still. I don't expect it to produce any fruit for a couple of years yet.
    I hope you are feeling a bit better now. You have had a hard time recently.

  2. Hoping you are successful with your figs. It certainly won't be from a lack of trying. Good luck! Nancy

  3. That's very interesting the way you train the fig tree trunk to grow horizontally. I have 2 fig trees, the old fig tree leaf out 2 weeks ago, but the newer tree has no sign of growth yet, wonder it's dead or maybe I planted it too deep? It's probably a goner if it doesn't leaf out by mid May.

  4. Figs grow like weeds around here...in fact they are considered a "problem" in some areas. I planted a couple here on the ranch...cut a couple branches from trees over on the river, stuck them in the ground and they took off. My husband wasn't too happy, he's one of the folks that thinks they're a pain.

  5. Hopefully you will find out soon! I haven't made my mind up either as to whether growing figs is worth it in our climate. Only time will tell I guess.