Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Cleaning Up and Seeding

A little over two weeks ago I showed you my window that I made through the bean and cucumber walls. Well today the walls came down.

Now it looks like this. The beans had finished up and had no flowers left on them. They were pretty diseased by this point so it wasn't worth waiting for another flush. And the cucumbers were half dead due to wilt. I could have left them in longer, but the hope is that zucchini in the back will get more light and might produce a few more. I can hope. I have very little zucchini frozen this year. And I'm really loving the zucchini fritters.

In the bean's old spot I seeded in a row and a half of tatsoi. There used to be two row covers. One for the chard and one for the bok choy with the beans in the middle. Now I just have one that goes over the whole bed. I hope I haven't planted the tatsoi too late. Anything after September 1st is iffy in my garden. There is a lot of shade in the fall so things grow really slowly.

And if you look toward the fence past the row cover in the above photo you will see my squash. It used to be a two sisters bed, but I took out the corn today. It was done. I chopped it up and put it in the compost.

The other corn patch was also taken down. But I kept a handful of the stalks whole to dry for decoration next month. Hopefully they won't mildew too much. I put them in a corner to keep the rain off of them, but there isn't anything over them so who knows if it will work. I'm not willing to bring them inside to dry because the earwigs loved the corn this year and I find them in the cracks where the leaves are. I don't want them in the house.

Last but not least I finally got around to putting something in the last foot of the bed by the path. I put carrots in the bed, but I can't put carrots in the first foot. The brick path has a foundation under there and the soil is only six inches deep. Mizuna won't mind though.

The garden still needs some love. There is crab grass and other weeds starting to go to seed. I need to get in there and pull it up before the seeds shatter. I'm hoping that Friday will be nice enough outside to work in the garden. I have been avoiding it for the most part because of the heat an humidity. The heat was bad enough that I couldn't make myself do the work necessary. But today was just gorgeous. So a lot got done.


  1. Crab grass is my nemesis. It seems to appear out of nowhere all over my garden. My winter carrots germinated horribly this summer and I did not get around to resowing so none for me this year. Oh well. You can't have it all.

  2. Your garden continues to look lush and productive. I transplanted some spinach last weekend, but fear the heat of this week will not be beneficial to them. I am hoping that the heat will break and the humidity level will decrease soon.

  3. We are tidying up the plot mow as lots of crops are finishing and the beds will be empty over winter.

  4. Admitting that a crop is finished is an important decision for a gardener. Keeping them going for a little longer in the hope of one last fruit is usually not the best thing to do, and sowing/planting a new crop is better. You seem to make very good use of the space you have available.

  5. Look at those carrots! I am fairly sure that I sowed mine way too late - even though they are quick maturing varieties (supposedly). And I'm loving the idea of decorating with the corn stalks!

  6. Summer seems to be basically done in your garden. I've got a couple more months left to harvest summer vegetables, but I've pulled out the first patch of corn to make way for peas and I'm planting lots of fall/winter veggies now. Fall weather is just around the corner.