Friday, April 24, 2015


Beds 1 to 3

Yesterday I added mulch to the garden. I haven't done this in a few years and the paths were getting really muddy. One at a time I weeded the paths, then mulched. The paths are too narrow to use a wheelbarrow to dump mulch on the paths. When I tried the mulch got into the beds. So I used a bucket to carry it in.

Beds 3 to 8

I only put down one cubic yard of mulch. I wish I had more as I could only do the paths between the beds. I would have loved to mulch around the air conditioners, the wide storage area area by the shed, and under the weeping plum.

Circle Garden

But at least the small paths are mulched. Next time I order mulch I'll order enough for the other spots. I think mulch really makes everything look so much neater.

The pile of mulch originally had two cubic yards. The other one will be spread today and goes on the rest of the yard. I don't usually order enough for the whole yard, but we do parts one year and parts another. I know which areas I want to prioritize.

In preparation for that I was moving some of the bulbs around. It isn't a good time to do it as they are ready to bloom (which I cut off), but I had no choice really. The new perennial garden is getting planted. The bulbs came up in the middle of the new cobblestone divider. I need them to be in their final spots.

The daffodils might suffer for the move. But the grape hyacinths seem to be weeds. I just hope I got all of those little bulbs out of the ground or I'll be weeding them out later. I'm sure I missed quite a few as there were so many and some were so tiny. I moved the best bulbs to line the cobblestones instead of being in clumps. We still have one more clump of daffodils to dig out, but today I get my townhouse mates to help me. They will be weeding the rest of the yard and spreading the mulch. I'll play director.


  1. The garden looks so neat and tidy. And it looks like things are growing quickly. Lovely!

  2. Looks nice now. Know about the mud, we use wood chips the town delivers and it really keep the paths passable. You might be surprised with the daffodils. When we replaced a retaining wall, we dumped some excess fill near the driveway that contained some daffodils (unknown to us). They are in a terrible spot plowed over and covered by snow banks but bloom reliably every year.

  3. We're lucky as we have a steady of supply of free wood chip mulch tipped on our site by council parks department whenever they prune or fell trees.

  4. Your garden looks amazing! I really need to do a good weeding/mulching this year although I doubt my paths will ever look as nice as yours. The mulch I use is the free wood chips that I get from the's nowhere near as nice as the purchased mulch but the price is right!

  5. Wow Daphne your garden looks brilliant! I wish I could get free wood chips like Margaret and sue, my plot would be a lot neater!