Tuesday, May 12, 2015

This and That

View on the other side of the fence from my garden. I love phlox.

I know I've done things in the garden as I really really need to weed, but somehow I ended up doing other things instead. I get distracted when I go out into the garden. I know I planted my chitted squash seed on Sunday since I wrote that down. I know I watered the front beds. And then watered the strawberries yesterday as some of them were wilting.

And I fixed my bird netting over the strawberry plants. I had simple hoops that were too small as the flowers were poking out of the top. And if the flowers poke out, the strawberries will be out of the netting so the squirrels will eat them. I should call it squirrel netting not bird netting as the birds aren't all that bad. In addition I pretty much let the strawberries run last year. Where they liked to be was right next to the edge of the wall. So If I put a hoop in the soil those strawberries right at the edge would be halfway through the netting. So I made some bigger hoops and bent them so they would hang over the edge to keep all those wonderful blossoms inside the net. At least mostly. Next year I've got to keep them from rooting right next to the wall. If nothing else they wilt too quickly there as the soil dries out fast at the edge. The ones farther back do better.

I've been fixing up the places for my herbs. I took the old Mojito mint pot and got all the old roots out. I added compost and mixed it in. Now when the plant come I can just pop it into the pot. I also took down one of my two rhubarb plants (the left one). I figure I really only need one. I'll use the spot for some rosemary. Though I still have to dig out those roots. It will be better to have something smaller so I don't have to worry about it blocking the air conditioner as much.

Bed 2W

I don't know if I was avoiding weeding or not. I usually don't mind weeding. But I had to go out after dinner to finally get some of it done. I weeded all of Bed 1 and the western side of Bed 2. You can barely see the spinach in the above bed. And some of those weeds are starting to bud. The last thing I need are more weed seeds in my garden. I've got to get to the rest of the beds. I think my priority are the carrot bed and the other two spinach beds. Then I can do the other beds that are less problematic.

There is the same bed all weeded out. I had a lot of damping off in this and the other spinach beds. So there are huge gaps. In Bed 1E I found four cut worms that were taking down my turnips. I hope there aren't more. I'll go out this morning as soon as I finish watering the beds and see if any more have been taken down and if so dispatch the culprits. Luckily the cabbages and kales in this bed are probably too big for the cutworms to hurt.


  1. Beautiful phlox - I tried growing it many years ago at our old house, but there was too much shade. I'll definitely give it another try here at some point.

    I finally got around to weeding a couple of my beds as well and cleaning up the strawberry bed. Haven't netted it yet though. I'll probably be doing that soon. I'm running out of netting & have to get nets on those brassicas first; just saw my first cabbage butterfly this past weekend.

  2. Weeds in my raised beds are not too bad and I don't mind weeding them. The in-ground plot is another matter, particularly since the soil is still very wet. Good luck deterring squirrels with light netting. The ones we had around here would shred that in an instant.

  3. Phlox is beatuiful...I might have to check that out for our yard...I think it's easy to grow isn't it? It's so pretty. And I love how you have edibles growing everywhere, even next to the a/c. You're an inspiration!!

    1. I don't know how well it grows in Texas, but here it grows easily. that is why we have it there. The bright pink one is in a spot that kept killing plants. I finally threw up my hands and planted phlox figuring nothing can kill that. And indeed it is working.

  4. Funnily enough I sometimes find weeding to be quite therapeutic as long as the soil isn't sticky or rock hard.

  5. I've grown some kind of phlox before but not sure of the variety and it was a mixed colour. It's looks so much prettier monochrome as you have it.