Saturday, September 5, 2015

This and That

I haven't been posting a lot recently. Not much was going on in the garden. This last week I did get a few things done though. My zucchinis have gotten a bad case of powdery mildew and quit producing. All of their female blossoms started to get very very small. So I cut them back severely. I'm not expecting to get much from now on more due to low light levels than the mildew. Probably just tiny zucchini. But something is better than nothing.

I harvested the last of the melons. There were a few small melons left on, but they rarely taste that good when harvested in late September, so I pulled the vines and planted with bok choy. It is too late to plant in the main part of the garden, but in the circle garden it gets less shade in the fall. The light levels though have gotten much less and they may or may not size up well. It is worth the chance. Usually I'd plant overwintered spinach. But I decided this year to forego that and try something new.

I didn't take a before photo, but the landscape of the garden has changed now. I picked the last of the corn and then took down all of the stalks. So now it is much shorter. And I have seas of squash growing all alone.

I braided the last of the onions, which you will see on Monday. And tore down the drying rack. I also cleaned up around the compost piles as they were getting kind of ratty. I need to get a new broom. My old one barely has any bristles on it. It makes my brick path really hard to clean.

This year I tried to keep the morning glories from climbing up the compost pile. Obviously I wasn't totally successful. They sure are pretty, but they are hard to clean off and get in the way of the drying rack. And they make it hard to access the piles themselves. So I ripped them down again. It is sad to see them go, but now I can get to the leaf pile again.


  1. Hi! I didn't know you could cut zucchini back and hope for even small ones! I love morning glories but hesitate to grow them for fear of them spreading all over! Nancy

  2. I ripped out my cucumbers last week because of downy mildew. I'm seeing some mildew on the Tromboncino vines and I'm just hoping that it takes it's time in spreading as one of the squash - my first and likely only one this year - has just set.

  3. Oh, those morning glories. When I want them, they won't grow. When I try to pull them out, they leave just enough behind to regenerate. At least they're pretty - when they do grow.

  4. Things have been quiet in my garden too. Mostly harvesting beans and tomatoes. My little cucumbers are having a final fling though, after producing very little during the so-called Summer.

  5. a new broom is a splendid thing! as is your garden - so much life in it. it's a joy to see your growing space.
    ps when I see morning glories I think of train journeys in my childhood, and seeing them climbing up the embankments along the side of the tracks.

  6. Ooh, still lots going on there Daphne. It looks so neat too!