Friday, June 12, 2009


Finally. We have been having cool, cloudy weather for ages now. But no rain. It pretends to rain at times, but it is just enough to get the plants' leaves damp. Not even wet. You would think at least the greens would like this weather, but they really want more water than I've been giving them. Even the Chinese cabbage has bolted. Last year I harvested a beautiful head at the end of June. This should be the high season for lettuce, but it is a little bitter. Over the last month we have had less than 1/2" of rain here. The norm in our neck of the woods is about 4" for that length of time.

The weathermen keep telling us we will get rain. The weekly forecasts for the last few weeks have been cloudy and they call for rain about half the days. My weathermen lie. Or maybe it is just wishful thinking on their part. The rain by and large has passed either to the south or north of us, but never on us. Our little sliver of New England has been left out.

Then finally last night it rained. It poured. The plants are happy again. I water my vegetable garden but none of the rest of the garden. Not even my fruit garden. I figure they are all perennials. They ought to have deep roots. The plants were looking distinctly unhappy yesterday. I told them soon. I promise. Now they looks so happy.

I don't have a rain gauge in the garden, but I do have a bucket. I leave it outside and when I want to know how much it rained, I just look inside it. So far we have had about 1 1/4" of rain.

There is something about a well needed rain. My plants all look so content. I think the pea blossoms are even smiling.


  1. We have had similar weather a couple of weeks ago. Cloudy and humid and it seemed to rain everywhere apart from here. When it did finally rain it went on for a couple of days and we were heading towards flooding. The garden does look alot fresher now though

  2. I used to hate when it rained now I love it, because it means I don't have to water! Gorgeous pictures! I love the little tomato hats! Borage is always so pretty, I really should get some!

  3. There's just something about rainwater that we just can duplicate dragging hoses & watering cans. Glad you got some much needed moisture!

  4. Awesome photos. As dreary as it has been, I also welcome this rain. I don't have to drag my hose up to my front yard perennial garden for a week!

  5. Beautiful stunning photos! Well done!

  6. Very nice water drops. Its been fairly dry and cool here as well. But they keep telling me it is suppose to be getting warmer. Today was pretty warm so maybe it is here finally.

  7. patientgardener, luckily no flooding here. We have some nice sunny weather this morning.

    Lzyjo, Borage is really pretty. The sad thing though is that the flowers tend to point down so you don't see them very often. Unless you pick them for your salads.

    perennialgardener, Thamks

    Sally, thanks. Luckily I don't have to do a lot of hose dragging. My spigot is around the corner of the house, but I have a permanent hose attached.

    Matron, thanks

    Dan, I hope we get some warmth today. It has been in the 60s. Brrr. I need some nicer June weather.