Friday, June 12, 2009


Same borage flowers as taken for this morning's post, but in the sun.

Wow. As is typical, the weathermen all forecasted doom and gloom on us all the way through the day and night. The predictions of rain and thunderstorms that they put out this morning have been recalled. Thank goodness earlier we got the rain, but strangely this evening we got the sun to finally come out of hiding. Can we get a Hallelujah? Hallelujah! I fell like dancing.

It is amazing how a little sun can brighten your day. I was feeling very down yesterday. Wednesday was my 25th anniversary and my husband has been out of town since Tuesday. I didn't think it would bother me at all since I think how we treat each other day to day is so much more important than any particular day - including my silver anniversary. But it did. I find it weird that I reacted so strongly since we have had anniversarys that we have both forgotten. He gets back tonight.

Then earlier today doom definitely struck. My camera for the last six years has been a digital Elph. I bought it to have a little camera to take photos on a two week backpacking trip with my (then) 16 year old daughter. That little camera has seen so many good times with me. I just love it since I can toss it in my pocket and bring it with me where ever I go - when I remember. Today my Elph started taking some really weird photos.

Today's freaky looking harvest photo

All the red is gone. Very strange. Also strange is the coincidence that right before Joel left for his business trip he put on the macro lens for me and showed me how to use his camera. The Nikon D200 is not a little camera that you can throw in your pocket. It is a beautiful digital SLR. It takes such wonderul photos. It is much better than my Elph.

When I saw the wonderful evening light shining through the trees I grabbed Joel's camera and went outside. I couldn't help but turm my face to the sun and smile. I think when I moved to New England from Colorado as a college student I might have made a mistake. I'm always so depressed when the sun doesn't shine for days. I'm so glad it rained earlier in the day, but am even more glad it is now sunny.


  1. Happy Anniversary! I love true blue flowers, so I particularly liked the borage bloom photo!

  2. Happy anniversary, Daphne!

    So that's what borage looks like. Mine have buds, but no flowers yet. I'm glad they are such a pretty blue. Pictures from husband's camera are gorgeous.

  3. Happy Anniversary! That is a funny looking harvest, seems a little bland, hehe. The borage and peony are beautiful! If you are looking for a new camera a Nikon d40 works very well. Inexpensive, small, light weight and takes great pictures. Mine is in the garden all the time and probable has as much dirt inside as the garden.

  4. Sunshine is so lovely, Daphne, but we are having wonderful rains here this winter and that is what is making me all skippity doo feeling right now.

  5. Yeah, really strange looking photo. How sad I'll be when my camera gives up.
    I lived in Eugene Oregon for two years. Adjusting to the rain and overcast can be very difficult. Good luck.

  6. Happy Anniversary!!!

    It's amazing what a difference a camera can make! I love the pictures the fancy ones produce but it's much too heavy and complicated for me haha.

  7. islandgardener, Thanks. I love them too. I also love how some of them are blue and some are purple.

    Annie's Granny, Thanks, hmm how come it is the husbands will all the good photo equipment? I do love the photos from his camera, but I have to be careful with it. No dirty hands and such.

    Dan, Thanks, yeah doesn't it look horribly unappetizing. I swear IRL it is bright red and pretty.

    Kate, well we had our rain in the morning. It is nice having 1 1/2" of rain then to have the sun come out. We do still need a bit more rain to catch up though.

    Kim and Victoria, I've been trying for quite a while now. I've been here for not quite 30 years. I'm still missing the sun.

    Cynthia, my problem with my husband's camera now is that I can't take photos with dirty hands. When I want to use it I have to go inside and wash my hands, dry them and take the camera out. It means you can't get the photo of the pretty butterfly flitting around. Then again I could never get those photos with my other camera when it was right in my pocket.

  8. Happy anniversary!! A 25-year marriage these days is something to be appreciative of.

    Georgous peony pic.