Monday, July 6, 2009

Monday Harvest Tally

I love that I can schedule posts. This way I can still do my weekly tally. I didn't pick much last week. I was trying to use up all the food in the fridge before leaving. I think I did a pretty good job. My large tubs that I store my produce in are empty. I just have a touch of lettuce left. I left all the chard that needed picking for my trusty friend that is taking care of the garden. I'm sure he will enjoy eating it all.

Chamomile and Peas

Peas were still the major producers, though not as much as the week before. Only the snow peas seemed to have produced more this week.

The biggest harvest this week was the garlic, but I can't count it until it is all dry and trimmed. It won't go into the tally for 2-3 weeks.

Even my bouquet seemed a bit sad this week. It must have known it was going to be tossed early.

So here are the totals:

  • Peas 1.35 lbs
  • Herbs 0.13
  • Flowers 20

Weekly total: 1.48 lbs
Weekly spent: $0 at least I didn't spend anything this week
Yearly total: 27.90 lbs
Yearly earned: -$34.20

Have a good week. I know I will since I'll finally be in the sun again. SUN!


  1. What are you using the chamomile for? Tea? Fun! Glad your peas are still going and that you used up everything before your trip. Hope you enjoy the sun and your garden gets some good care in your absence!

  2. That reminds me to get out and pick the chamomile! No reason to let it go.

    I'm still impressed by your recordkeeping and wish I were as on top of it. Maybe next year!

  3. I had to clean my fridge last night, to make room for garden stuff. I had both crispers and an entire shelf full! Good thing son John came by to work on the shed, he left with ALL the green beans (2 1/2 lb.), shallots, onions and half the corn that was left over from the Fourth. Now my refrigerator can breathe again ;-)

    Have fun in the sun! Our temperatures are supposed to drop 15 degrees from last week, into the mid 80s, for the rest of the week. Good thing, as I have a shed to paint.

  4. I like those containers!

    What will you do with all that chamomile?

    The flower bouquet is so pretty!

  5. Isn't the sun marvelous? I'm loving it. Even if I have to start watering again...

    Looks like you are really closing in on breaking even. I think you'll end up in the black before long. I picked a pound of mostly snow peas from my "snap pea" plants.

  6. Nice peas! They look so yummy. Chamomile is something I always forget to start. I grew it one year and had the best tea ever! You would think I'd remember. Since we'll probably be moving soon I may just do what you did this year and tally everything- starting from scratch it might be shocking how much I spend, however!

  7. Nice information provide by you.

  8. Karen, yes I use the chamomile for tea. I drink it mostly in the colder months, but sometimes during the summer too.

    Stefaneener, I hadn't picked mine for over a week. I try to not let it go to seed before I get tired of picking it.

    Annie's Granny, left over corn? What in the world is that? I'm not sure it is possible to have left over corn in our house :>. My husband and I just love corn. Mine finally started to ear up, but they are such tiny little ears. I'm wondering if they will grow or just stay tiny little things.

    Toni, tea! I just love chamomile tea.

    Sally, oh yes it is sunny today too so I'm just so happy. I'm surprised that you had it once and it didn't reseed all over the place. Mine does. I don't collect seed from it, I just let it go to seed at the end of the summer and the next year I have tons coming up. A new garden usually costs more than an established garden. When I moved in here I put a cedar fence around the garden. That was quite costly. However I figured it wasn't a single year expense so amortized it over 20 years. I tallied $60 for this years cost of the fence.

    Webay, thanks.

  9. LOL, "leftover corn" means I got carried away at the farm stand, and 12 people for dinner couldn't eat 36 ears of corn! Believe me, they were huge ears of a super sweet variety, and I ate my share (and more). Normally I'd have cut it off the cob and frozen it, but my freezer was full!