Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A View of the Garden

Once again the thunder roars, the lightning strikes. Once again it is cloudy and rainy. Once again it is in the 60s. Isn't it July, the height of summer? I supposed I should be thankful. Just a short distance south of here they have been having flooding. Since I can't go into the garden today on fear of electrocution, I thought I'd show you my garden from its different angles. I took the photos just a couple of days ago.

The garden is situated on a slight hill so I think of the garden in terms of top and bottom. From the top you can see the pea and greens bed. They love the weather. They just can't get enough of it. Usually by now this bed starts to look a little bit pitiful, but not this year. That empty row in the lettuce bed has some seedlings that will go in soon to fill it up. The row cover protects my brassicas.

Going around outside of the garden you can see it as my neighbors see it. A couple of days ago I saw someone peering over the fence close to my peas looking at the garden. I tried to say hi, but I don't think she spoke English. She pointed things out to her grandson who was with her.

This is just a bit farther down on the same side of the fence. I try to make my garden look nicer by surrounding it with perennials. Right now only my day lily is in bloom. Soon the coneflowers, coreopsis, and black-eyed-susans will join them. I put in bee balm this year grown from seed. I'm hoping for bright reds, but I could get pinks.

This is tomato alley looking in. I think of it like that because of the two rows of tomato plants the line the path at the far end. The bottom of the garden also has my alliums. The plastic protects my hopefully not rotting garlic from the rain. All gardening books will tell you to withhold water from your garlic for the last two weeks before picking. Ha! Withhold water indeed. I can't do that, so I put up plastic. The water will soak in from the sides, but it ought to help.

This is my view of the garden. I'm rarely outside the fence to see those other views, but when I'm inside the house I peek out now and again from my dining room window.


  1. Beautiful! While a 60 degree summer isn't fun for us, your potatoes are going to love it! They already look fantastic!

  2. If I were walking by, I'd peek and say hi for sure! Your garden is so lovely and productive and impressive, and I bet it's the only one on your block just like it. :) Could you send some rain our way, please? I'd gladly trade you for the endless sun that is making things too dry here in Seattle!

  3. A lovely working garden! You should be very proud!

  4. Your garden looks beautiful despite the weather Daphne. I love your rustic fence and what a lovely view to look down upon. Hopefully July's weather will be nicer for you.

  5. Isn't it strange when you see a new perceptive on something, its like a totally different place. I really like how your garden is all fenced in. Can't wait until I finish the fence around all my gardens.

  6. Thank you for a wonderful tour of a beautiful garden! If this weather keeps up, you'll have a rain forest!

  7. Lzyjo, they do seem to be thriving as long as I pick off all signs of fungal disease. I check it every day.

    Karen, there is one other garden I've seen like mine, but it is in their backyard. I crane my neck to get a glimpse but you really can't see much. All the other gardens are smaller. I wouldn't want to give up all my rain, but if we could at least alternate days. Some sun would be really nice, but I'll get it on vacation.

    Sheila, Thanks.

    Cynthia, I always regret painting the fence. I wish I'd kept it natural. It still keeps those rabbits out though so I'm happy.

    Dan, it does look different from all its different perspectives. I like the overview best because you can see more. The tall plants don't block the view as much.

    Annie's Granny, you're welcome. Hmm a rain forest. Could I grow chocolate then? I guess I'm still in zone 6 so it wouldn't work. Temperate rain forests just aren't as much fun.

  8. Daphne... a cute garden you have there. I too would probably do the same thing...., looking over the fence and say good things about your garden in my own language.. haha..

    Happy Gardening,
    ~ bangchik

  9. Daphne, greetings from Wyoming!

    I love the view of your garden from the dining room.

    Sorry that the summer heat hasn't found you yet. Been an off summer here too. Here we are in the high desert plains of northern Wyoming... where it should be hot... and dry... it's been on the cooler rainy side.

    Hey... we're gardeners... we roll with the punches, right?

  10. Your garden is looking good! I'm ashamed to even take pictures of mine - can't wait for the warmer weather to start!

  11. Bangchik, I just wish I could have talked to her. I was asking her if she had a garden too, but she obviously didn't understand.

    Toni, well we have no choice. We have to roll with the punches. Either that or give up gardening. I always try to have both cool and warm weather crops in the garden, because I can't count on anything and then at least something will grow.

    Pam, thanks. Oh I can imagine that community garden with this kind of weather. It is wet to begin with. With all the rain it must be really soggy. At least you don't have to water.

  12. How nice! There is only one garden around here that's visible from the street, but it's surrounded by gobs of electric fence so I don't exactly get close to it! I'm jealous you have tomatoes growing this time of year!! I don't know a FL gardener with any left! You up-northerners sure have a great summer season for veggies...

  13. Nice to have someone to commiserate with about the rain. Thanks for leaving the comment at D&B. I love your blog, Daphne.

  14. Are you familiar with the book _The Art of the Kitchen Garden_? The window shot reminds me of that. Very lovely.