Thursday, July 16, 2009

Weird Weather

Black Moor

I was listening to the weather report yesterday coming back from work. They were exclaiming about our June weather. It turns out is was the coldest weather on record from the Blue Hills Observatory (just south of Boston, I'm just north of Boston). They have been keeping records for 123 years.

So I decided to look at some of the statistics from this year. I used the closest weather station ( a personal one, not a commercial one). This weather station is a couple of miles from my house. It is on the flank of Turkey Hill. I'm near the top of Whipple Hill. These two hills are on the same ridge line. He is lower than me and has had a bit hotter weather, but all in all it is pretty close to my weather.


*Note on the above table that July is only half over so it might get hotter and wetter.

You would think from the high temperatures that I lived in the Southern hemisphere. But the lows tell the real story. People keep saying that June was so rainy, but it really wasn't that bad - maybe an inch over normal. The first half it barely rained at all. It was cloudy all the time, but it mostly drizzled until the second half.

There were a total of 13 days above 70°F and only one above 80°F. One day never got out of the 50°Fs.

I've been surprised about how the vegetable patch has taken the lack of heat and sun. The cucurbits seem to be the worst off. The cucumbers and zucchini started producing in the middle of June last year. I still haven't harvested any this year. This is not horribly shocking, but is much slower than expected. I would have expected a couple week slowdown, but over a month surprises me. I'm thinking my wonderful Magdelena Big Cheese squash that I was so looking forward to might not make it. I really want to save seed. All is not lost if it doesn't (except the lack in my harvest tally) because I have plenty of seed left to sow next year.

The beans haven't taken it as hard. They started blooming on July 3rd last year so they are about two weeks late this year. Just as expected. I really hope they produce in time since most of them are dried beans they will take quite a long time to mature.


The tomatoes and peppers are the most surprising. The tomatoes are only four days behind last year. The peppers are producing a ton of fruit - except the jalepenos, they have just started.


  1. That's a relief that something isn't as bothered. We're having somewhat wacky weather also, and coupled with my sandy soil, I'm having to run to keep up.

    I hope you're enjoying it personally, though.

  2. Stefaneener, oh I love the cool weather. I just want sun too. Gloomy day after gloomy day makes me depressed. Luckily I'm one of those that think cool weather is great. I just wish I knew what I was getting before I planted all my garden. It would be more productive if I knew I had to start my squash indoors to kickstart it. I usually don't. I also wouldn't have planted corn. It hates the cold weather.

  3. I had not thought of things not making until you just wrote about it. I sure hope it warms up soon, it is starting to get a little old. I should look for the stats in my area, It certainly has been chilly. All my non-bell peppers are doing very well also.

  4. I have lots of the Big Chili II(Anaheim) seed if you are interested in some next season.

  5. I think my tomatoes are ripening around the same time BUT it was not a warm summer for us last year either. The peppers are doing surprisingly well!

  6. Weird weather up here in NS, too. We had some humidity in June, which we normally get in July. The sun finally found us for a few days, but it's decidedly cool at night. I dunno about this global warming stuff...

  7. Our weather has been wacky since the winter, what with 2 snows!! The last 2 summers were so dry, now this year we are getting some rain and now that seems strange. Makes my life so much easier not having to water.

  8. Dan, today we are finally getting some hot weather. The hottest since May. I'm not liking it but the squash seems to like it a lot. It seems to have grown from just this morning.

    Dan, I might do that if I can figure out a space for them. That is the biggest problem where it all will go.

    Ottawa Gardener, last year we had just as much rain, but also lots of sun and warm weather. Last year we had over 9" in July. It kind of washed out the taste of the tomatoes, but at least there was no watering to be done. I wonder if we will get that much this year.

    jodi, lol a lot of scientists think that global warming will make the east coast cooler at least up north. Climate change is probably more accurate.

    MissyM, I love when I don't have to water, but now with my tomato pails, I have to water all the time if it is sunny (ie never in June). July has been sunny enough to bring out the hose.