Monday, August 16, 2010

Harvest Monday - 15 August 2019

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Thursday and Friday I was in Waterloo with my daughter dropping her off at school. So I have no harvests those days. When I got back on Saturday I had a huge harvest. I took a photo of it, but sadly the flash card wasn't in the camera. I really need a camera that won't let me take a photo without the card as half the time the card is in my computer.

The harvest that day was much like Wednesday's harvest, but it had more of everything and featured Big Chili II peppers.

So instead I took a photo of my kitchen counter this morning. I think I have to deal the the tomatoes today so I can reclaim my work space.

  • Beans 0.33 lbs
  • Cucurbits 4.56 lbs
  • Herbs 0.74 lbs
  • Pepper 0.65
  • Tomatillo 2.89 lbs
  • Tomato 30.23 lbs
  • Spent this week: $0
  • Total harvested this week 39.41 lbs
  • Total for the year 156.14 lbs
  • 2010 Tally 366.05

Harvest Monday is a day to show off your harvests, how you are saving your harvest, or how you are using your harvest. If you have a harvest you want to show off, add your name and link to Mr Linky below.


  1. I had to giggle when I saw the pic of your counter. Mine was looking quite similar until I cleared it a bit yesterday. You are going to be busy :)

  2. Wow Daphne, I see that you are getting your tomato glut!! It looks like you are going to have a busy day!

  3. Fun problem to have! Those tomatoes look really beautiful and I like how you arranged the harvest photos using that lovely flat basket with handles with the counter full of produce as a backdrop! I really need to be more imaginative in my harvest photos.

    Of the varieties you are growing this year, which tomato is your taste winner this season?

  4. Awesome harvest Daphne! It looks like you grew a good amount of paste tomatoes, which I must make a point to do next year. The heirlooms are great for sauce too but waaaayy too tedious to work with.

    I'm gonna start harvesting some of my purple tomatillos this week. They are taking forever to ripen outside. Maybe a sunny kitchen counter would speed things up.

  5. Funny how I love all the tomatoes on everyone else's counters...why do they look so much more appealing than my own, lol? Gorgeous harvest as usual Daphne.

  6. I'm in awe with all the different colors and shapes of tomatoes you have there. And all this from your new garden, wow! It looks like you got enough there to start your own farmer's market stand!

  7. Now, that's alot of tomatoes! You'd better get busy....

  8. That looks remarkably like my counter these days. What will you be doing with them?

  9. Hello there, this is my first time joining up with this weekly adventure. Let me tell you, I have some serious tomato envy right now. Your harvest is fantastic!

    I assume you make some sort of salsa with your tomatillos, but is there anything else that you can use them for?

  10. I love, love, love tomato glut season even if it does mean extra work. It is so satisifying.

  11. Lovely Harvest - beautiful colors!! I see you get a ton of tomatoes too! We're going to be so busy with them. My counter too is covered with produce and I need to deal with them as well!

  12. The pictures all look so pretty! small thing, though. The title on your post is 15 August 2019. Did you stumble upon a time machine? :0) I'd totally go for a trip in one of those things about now!

  13. Tomatoes galore for me as well, though the quantity is not as impressive as yours, it was plenty enough for us! As usual we got more basil. My first bell pepper of the season, and a beautiful orange wax pepper taboot! A few potatoes rounded out the harvesting for the week.

  14. Wow, Daphne, I am amazed at all of your tomatoes. I wished I lived closer. I would volunteer to help you in the kitchen just to touch and smell all the tomatoes to have on your counter. YUM!!

  15. I wish I had that problem. A whole counter of tomatoes is awesome!

  16. Lovely tomatoes. I hope you enjoy making sauce and salsa with them.

  17. I'm glad I have an unused patio table for my tomatoes. That frees up my counters for other cluttering ;-) Looks like we'll be partners in crime today, trying to catch up with our tomato harvests.

    Love your basket. I've not been good about staging my veggies for pretty photos this year. It's like "shoot and get it over with" for me. It just seems like I never find the time lately. As much as I hate to admit it, old age is slowing me down.

  18. Love the different colors tomatoes, they are so beautiful, great harvest.

    I have to laugh when you say taking pictures without flash card in the camera, it happens to me all the time. My cameras will say "no memory card", you think I would get the message, NO NO NO, I went ahead a took pictures without the card anyway, typical senoritis syndrome, there's no help!

  19. Looks like there's plenty of canning in your future :)

  20. Ohh, maybe my counter will look like that once again soon. Very pretty!

  21. Wahoo for your tomatoes!! What a haul you made this week.

  22. Wow, looks like you have a farmers market. My harvest was a lot smaller.

  23. Love your tomato harvest! Those are some pretty substantial daily harvests.

  24. Lovely harvest! I like the day by day photo documentation of your harvests. Nice! That's a lot of work that awaits you in your counter. You all are having such good harvest on the east coast. You deserve it after last year's blight.

  25. Would LOVE some of those tomatoes Daphne! Can't wait to some day have room for that many tomatoes!

  26. What beautiful produce!

    "I really need a camera that won't let me take a photo without the card" You have to take the memory card out of the camera to transfer photos? I have a camera that plugs into the USB port of my computer to transfer photos.

  27. I hate when I forget my card in the computer! You'd think they would have a little bit of internal memory, at least enough for 10 pictures.

    That is a pretty impressive amount of tomatoes. I wouldn't even know what to do with them all :-)

  28. I wish I had a counter that long! You are probably going to have to do something with the tomatoes. I mean, it looks as though that's only the start of a lot more.

  29. Wow, lovely tomatoes. I wish I had more varieties after seeing all the gorgeous ones you've got there!

  30. Sorry I'm so late today. I was a bit sick last night. I'm fine now, but will probably spend today resting and reading all your blog posts.

    GrafixMuse, I cleared it all off yesterday, but it is full again today. It is never ending, which is great this year.

    Robin, I did have a very busy day. I did lots of canning. In a couple weeks I'll have more than I can use if the weather keeps up and the tomato plants don't die.

    kitsapFG, The funny thing is that I don't stage my photos at all. The basket is picked as you see it. Though depending on the light I'll either take photos of it on the floor or on my counter where my tomatoes get stored.

    For fresh eating Cherokee Purple and Amish Paste are both pretty good. For canning I'd say Heinz 2653. San Marzano and Amish Paste are also pretty good for canning as is Cherokee Purple. I've been disappointed with my cherry tomatoes this year. Last year the same varieties did well. GabrielleAnn finally is starting to taste really good as is Chocolate Cherry, but they started out very sour.

    Thomas, I find that Cherokee Purple is pretty easy to work with. Its walls are often 1/2" thick. And the tomato is so big it is easy to squeeze out the innards very quickly.

    Kelly, lol I don't know. I love everyone else's counters with tomatoes on it too. I still love my own though. I'm hoping for a long time canning again soon.

    thyme2garden, Hmm now that is an idea. Too bad I live at the end of a dead end street and not on the main drag but then again I haven't checked my town ordinances either. Many towns won't let you sell produce from your house.

    EG, I did. Yesterday there was a short time with just two tomatoes on the counter. They hadn't quite ripened yet so they didn't get the ax yet.

    The Mom, I made them into sauce yesterday.

  31. Prairie Cat, I haven't grown tomatillos in ages and had barely a harvest before. So I'm not quite sure what I'll do with it all. I've made a lot of salsa so far and a couple of jars of just tomatillo sauce. I think I'll use the sauce for pork. Pork seems like it would be fantastic slow simmered in tomatillo sauce or even simmered in the salsa. I might make some enchiladas with them too and maybe some green chili soup.

    Ottawa Gardener, I love it so much too. I enjoyed my canning yesterday.

    RandomGardener, I've given up on the cucumbers already. They are sitting in my fridge dying. I need to start giving them away. I have enough pickles (well I need to make more refrigerator pickles in September, but I'll wait until the end of the cucumber harvest for that). I'm happy for all the tomatoes though. I love them. If I really have too many I'll start making tomato paste.

  32. mamaraby, Whoops. I think I lost track of time when I did that. Probably because I was out of town.

    Fred, I can't wait to pick my first bell pepper. I've got a couple starting to turn red now.

    debiclegg, Oh now help would be nice. Especially for salsa. It is hard coring and peeling and chopping all those tomatoes. Sauce is so much easier. I don't know what I'd do without my Victorio strainer.

    meemsnyc, It was.

    Emily, I don't know how much I enjoy the process of making the sauce, but I love the result so I do it anyway.

    Granny, I do the shoot and get it over with too. The basket is my harvest basket that I've been using this year. I love having a nice big basket to bring outside to harvest. I can usually do it in one trip, though today it took two. And I'm thinking with how busy you were last week, that you aren't slowed down too much.

    Mac, mine will put up a message as you take the photo too, but I never really look at the screen for that. I just take the picture and move on.

    foodgardenkitchen, there was

    Shawn Ann, I hope your counter gets covered up too. It is so pretty that way. It makes the counter pretty useless, but still.

  33. Dirt Lover, Whoohoo :>

    GoneferalinID, just in tomatoes though. The rest of the harvest was more manageable. But I eat a lot of salsa and tomato sauce over the year.

    Nataya, thanks

    Angela, last year was pretty hard. Today's (Tuesday) harvest just made me beat last years tomato harvest with the same number of plants and they are still going strong. I'm happy to have a good year for a change.

    Urban Gardener, Well hopefully someday you will.

    Karen Anne, Yes I have to take it out. I might have a cable lost somewhere that will connect the camera up, but my computer has a place to plug in my card so I've always done it this way.

    Dan, I would be happy if it just beeped at me. Then I would know. Instead it lets me take photos with all the regular photo taking noise that it usually does.

    Stefaneener, It is just the start of a lot more. Those got all canned into sauce - even the cherries got boiled down. I figured I needed a clean slate for the new week.

    Manda, I have a tendency to have too many varieties. Next year I'm hoping to have fewer. Right now I have as many varieties as I do plants.

  34. Oh my, what a wonderful bounty of tomatoes! You're not going to get a break from preserving for a while. No harvest post for me this week, I've been running around playing hooky too much the last few days.

  35. Too bad you didn't take a picture of the huge harvest!
    I have two flash cards and as soon as I take one out - the other one goes in. ;)

  36. I'd bet the cherokee purple tomatoes would still produce for you even in a cool year. Last year was wet, cold & blight infested here and they still produced lots of tomatoes. Not sure what the deal is with my tomatoes this year. There has been lots of heat, even moisture yet they are taking ages.

  37. Love that first tomato picture. I've been seeing so many that would look great in a food magazine or something.

  38. Awesome harvest, great photos. 30 lbs of tomatoes in one week, just amazing. This week has been all tomatoes and green beans for me too. We're having salad Nicoise three times a weeek. I'm going to make marinara sauce tomorrow.