Thursday, April 9, 2015

The Second Planting

Asian greens planted

Sadly my second day of planting wasn't nearly as nice as my first. The temps were only in the low 40Fs. Brr. Plus it drizzled most of the day. But I was tired of those window boxes. I would drag them in and out. And have to water them. In the ground I can watch them grow, but they don't require much effort. Plus I need the space in front of the sliding glass door for hardening off my next set of Asian greens and lettuce.

The baby Asian greens have Bed 2E. That was one of the first ones to thaw out. So I prepped the bed and planted them in. The ones in pots were easy to plant, but the window box was harder as it was so big and heavy. After planting I put up a netting row cover. I'm not sure when the root maggots come out - maybe mid April. But I didn't want to risk it.

Lettuce, radish, and turnip bed

Next up was the west bed of the Circle Garden. I planted the really early lettuce here and under the netting cover I seeded some radishes and turnips. I'm growing a new radish this year. German Giant. I'll see if they can indeed get giant. I only seeded up half of their allotted space. The other half is for a later sowing. But I can't sow them too late as this bed needs to be empty by June 1st for my melons. Though last year I planted the melons a week late and they still produced in a timely manner, so I could probably push it if I wanted to.

Tuesday through Thursday were pretty miserable weather days here. Rain, drizzle, low 40Fs weather. But late tomorrow that trend ought to reverse. We are supposed to get some really nice 60F (15C) weather. Maybe even above average weather for a change. That would be so nice. I have plants showing up on my doorstep today and tomorrow. I need to get them in the ground. Everything is easier when the weather is nice.


  1. The title of your post reminds me of "The Second Coming"! We have had lovely weather here for the past few days - sunny and temps in the high teens (C, that is)

  2. It must be so nice to get some seedlings tucked into the beds - I'm just going to start hardening off some of mine. Can't wait until they are in the ground - like you said, they are so much easier to care for then.

  3. You are moving along well enough with this chilly weather. Warm weather on its way very sooner from what I can tell!

  4. I would guess that rain, drizzle and 40's is better than freezing weather and snow, but I know what you mean, enough of the crummy weather! It's good to see shots of your garden again. The German Giant radish sounds interesting, it would be quite impressive on a crudité platter, or thinly sliced in a salad.

  5. Our weather perked up this week and we have got lots done.

  6. I love your succession planting throughout your growing season. Hopefully you will get those above average temperatures for you and your garden to enjoy this coming week!