Friday, May 29, 2015

Images That Make Me Happy

My Brussels sprouts are growing well this year. Will I get them for the first time ever?

Butternut squash

Spinach bed before picking in the morning

Parsley in the early morning sunlight

Ditto for peas

Sage and chives in full bloom

Chard that was picked just five days ago

The rose is starting to bloom over the mint pots. It helps hide the gas meters and the shut off switch for the solar power. Thyme is in bloom by the path, with sage and rosemary to the right.

The little path in my new perennial bed. Gooseberries on the right. Blueberries and basil on the left. And the daisies are almost ready to bloom. Once again I've put a Garnet sweet potato in my pot by the front steps. It is pretty enough to be an ornamental sweet potato, but I get tubers from it in the fall.

Six lettuces from Fedco's summer mix. Except for one they look like just what I grew in the spring. I swear the upper left is Red Sails and two of them are Deer Tongue. And maybe the middle bottom is Paris Island.

Strawberries ripening

And a view of most of the garden, with radishes being rinsed off in the path.

Everything is just so green. I love springtime. Our unusually hot weather has made things jump in growth. When I picked the Bloomsdale Long Standing spinach this morning, there was three pounds from the one bed. And I was looking at the chard and kale bed thinking they needed picking again too. Even the spinach I picked from two days ago is almost at that stage again. I was feeling a bit overwhelmed, so I dumped some spinach on my townhouse mates. I kept enough to fill up my mini loaf pan to freeze what I had, but no more than that. My townhouse mates really appreciate the extra greens and it lets me off the hook when I feel like there is just too much.

The greens won't last forever though. OK the chard will last, but the spinach is starting to bolt. I'm not surprised with all the heat we have had. Even with perfect spinach weather it is the time for it. Not all of it is bolting yet, but some of the spinach that I picked this morning had blooms coming up. I picked all the leaves off of those. I left a decent amount on the others so as not to stress them too much. I've been keeping them well watered (every four days during the heat spell) so they are happy.

Our weather is going to break big time on Sunday. Wet cooler weather is moving in. We really need it. I just hope the forecasted rain materializes.


  1. Yep, you should have good success with the Brussels given how nice they look at this early stage. Everything else is just gorgeous too. And yes, we certainly need rain.

  2. Everything looks so good. And I'm with Will - with such a great start on the Sprouts they almost have make something edible!

    Those lettuce plants do sure look like Deer Tongue and Red Sails. The other red one looks familiar to me, but I can't quite place it. Maybe Des Morges Braun? And the one green almost looks like Buttercrunch, at least from here anyway. Hope you get some rain!

  3. Lovely pics - those images would make anyone happy! Everything is so lusciously green. The rose is so pretty!

  4. Oh, your pictures make me happy, too! And I do hope for some easier weather...this heat and humidity is just too overwhelming, especially for May! Fingers crossed.

  5. Happy, happy, happy - your garden is looking fabulous. Can't wait to see how you do with those sprouts!

    I'm having some really good growth in the garden as well & it's such a wonderful sight to see. I find myself going out to the beds a few times a day "just for one more quick look around" - I never get tired of all that luscious green.

  6. I agree about those sprouts-- the hardest trick for me has been getting them going in time. They're up and running, and there's no stopping them now!

  7. Your sprouts look just like mine, so I hope we are both doing things right! Your garden went from Nothing to Full in hardly any time at all. Over here everything had grown really slowly this year, and we haven't yet had a hot spell like the one you describe.

  8. Everything has come on so quickly

  9. What happy images! My garden also makes me so very happy. I love just going out there and admiring everything, even when it doesn't look perfect.

  10. Your garden is looking really lush now, it is a happy sight. I'm going to try Brussels sprouts this year also, it's been years since my last unsuccessful attempt. The timing is different here, I need to get my plants into the garden in July so I'll be sowing the seeds this week.

  11. Everything looks so lush. Could do with some of that hot weather here in Manchester. On the positive side there is no need for me to water anything.

  12. Everything looks so lush. Could do with some of that hot weather here in Manchester. On the positive side there is no need for me to water anything.

  13. The garden is looking great. Nice to be harvesting greens in the quantities you are getting. We could use a little break in the heat and some rain, please. The sprouts do look great, hope they produce for you.

  14. Your blog is such an inspiration. Thank you.