Thursday, July 3, 2008

Garden Update

This morning was so beautiful. The air is much crisper than before. I haven't really enjoyed the dripping summer humidity. It is nice to get a break. The garden made me happy too. My first straight neck yellow squash was finally ready. It was the twin that I hand pollinated. Sadly it looks like only one of the twins lived up to their potential. The other never set, but couldn't fall off like most of the unset squash since its twin was rapidly growing. This squash is not a crookneck, but it's little twin made it grow that way.

My herbs are growing well. I have to keep pinching the blossoms off of my basil and it keeps getting bigger and bigger. I harvest it for my salads and for my farmer's market tomatoes. I'm thinking it is almost time to start drying it for the winter. The dill is in full flower. I'm going to have a ton of dill seed. I'm also going to have a ton of coriander. Right now I still have way too many coriander plants. The other plants are fighting for sun space since they shot up.

My beans have just started to blossom. I'm growing Fortex and Kentucky Wonder and they are both in full bloom. If only I knew which one was which. One of them is almost to the top of the bean tower. The other is only halfway up. Though they both opened their first blossoms today, despite their respective sizes. My foot long beans are another matter. They have just been sitting there. They have not started vining yet. They produced a couple of leaves than just stopped. They have always been a little yellow. I'm not sure if that is normal for them or not. I don't usually fertilize beans. Why bother? But I may have to break out the fertilizer if they don't start doing something.


  1. I had several siamese twinned squash last year--I thought it was just me. (Or my plants.)

    Those stalled-out beans look a bit yellow. I wonder what their problem is? But the others look lovely.

  2. Hi, Daphne! I see we are kindred spirits being very excited about what is emerging in our gardens! You are inspiring me to try dill and coriander! Do you know if cardomom is easy? Pls. email me! Thanks!

  3. Yeah I wish I knew what was making them yellow. One plant now is slowly sending up a stalk. I hope they go for it soon.

    I always laugh at myself for getting so excited about what is starting to ripen for the first time. But every year it is the same thing.

    I have no clue about cardamom. I've never grown it. I don't think I even have it in my spice rack.