Thursday, July 10, 2008

My Golden Tomato

Yesterday was the day that all kitchen gardeners dream about. Drum roll please --- the first tomato of the season in all its golden goodness. I picked it but didn't eat it right away, I had to look at it for a while, but not too long of course. Yummy. I gave my daughter the second one.

Ok so it isn't a big beefsteak tomato or an heirloom, but it was the best tomato variety I've ever tried. It was pit against about 30 others in a personal taste test last year and this little gem won. It not only tasted great, but it is an early tomato at 55 days, or so it says. I planted it on May 17th and the first one picked on July 9th. So by my reckoning it took 53. Way to go Sungold. I'm also told that it resists cold better than most tomatoes so it is often the last tomato in the fall still producing. Whats not to like about it? Ok it's not an heirloom, and you can't save the seeds and expect yummy goodness the next year. You do have to buy them each year.

Also if you notice the bowl, I picked four cukes yesterday. I picked four more today. So my first pickle jar is full and tomorrow will be time to start on the second. Sadly I didn't think ahead. I saved the one glass jar, which actually used to have pickles in it. But I should have saved lots more. Who knows how many pickle jars I'll finish before my cukes bite the dust? So I'm stuck with plastic until I find more glass.

While I was picking my zucchini today, I noticed an insect on the row cover. My immediate instinct when I saw it was to kill it. It is a pretty enough insect. I swear I used to know what it was, but can't remember anymore. I tried to find it in my books, but no luck. So it lives. I don't want to touch it unless it is a pest. Does anyone in blogland know what it is?


  1. That's funny - I have the opposite problem. I can't bring myself to recycle glass jars because I'm so sure I'll be making lots of pickles. So far I've got loads of jars and no pickles, but there are signs of baby cucumbers forming, so maybe one day soon I will finally make use of some of those jars!

  2. After reading your blog this past week I am starting to really wish I had planted some cucumbers this year. I want some homemade pickles now! Do you happen to know if it is too late in the season to start some? I'm sure I could squeeze one in....somewhere. :-)

  3. Amanda, too bad you don't live close. We could trade. But I'm sure you will get your cukes soon. Tis the season.

    Cindy, cucumbers can be really fast producers. I just planted a second crop on July 3rd. I've never done that before, but usually my first crop dies in early August sometime, so figured a second crop might work. I love my cukes, both pickled and plain. Pick an early cuke though to make sure. I planted Diamant which is a 47 day cuke, which means I ought to get cukes from it toward the second half of August. I'm hoping through September, but you never know what the weather will be like in September. So it is a little risky.

  4. Yum Sungolds, garden candy. I have some green ones, but no ripe ones yet. Are the cukes pictured Diamant They have a funky look to them. I eill need to try your pickle recipe, if I ever get cukes. My first planting is struggling, and now has cucumber beetles, ack!

  5. Yes the only cuke I'm growing this year is Diamant. They are gherkins. I've found a total of one cucumber beetle so far. Which is great. I have no idea where they are this year, but I'm happy they haven't shown up.