Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day October 2008

Well today is the 15th of the month and that means it is Garden Bloggers Bloom Day hosted by Carol of May Dream Gardens. It is October and that means the blooms are fading fast from the garden. By the middle of next month there will be only a few left if any at all. We haven't yet had a frost, but are due for one around the end of the month. That ought to kill all of the annuals that are blooming. But currently in the annual category we still have marigolds, dahlias, impatiens and sweet allysums blooming.

There are so few blooms in the vegetable and herb garden. The peas are going like gang busters. The Sungold tomatoes (the only ones left in my garden) are still blooming and my chili peppers are still blooming, though they really don't have time to set peppers anymore. As for herbs my Thai basil is blooming. The chamomile just won't stop and I've gotten tired of picking all the blooms, so I'm just letting them go to seed. The coriander is blooming though I don't think I'll get seed. I'm still hopeful. The prettiest of my herbs are the borage (at the top) and the feverfew (above).

Most of the perennials are over. I did have a crazy creeping phlox try to rebloom last week, but it's gone now. The one fall perennial I have is my sedum 'Autumn Joy'. I used to have a beautiful Sweet Autumn clematis, but it died a few years ago. Its spot was usurped, so I haven't replanted it. I need to find a place for one. It was my favorite fall blooming plant. The fragrant ones are always my favorite.

And though they aren't in flower anymore, it has become the prettiest of all in my garden - my holly bushes. This year they are just covered in beautiful red berries. Sadly my camera doesn't like focusing on the red.


  1. We LOVE the holly berries! There is (yet another) abandoned lot down the street from us that has a HUGE holly tree in the yard. During the holidays, we go down and collect some branches to decorate our tree and mantle with as well as cutting to top our presents with instead of bows. How wonderful that you have them there in your garden!

  2. I've never cut my holly berries. But then there are two of them. One on either side of my front door, so they are living decoration.

    Thanks Dan.

  3. Nice blooms and those are beautiful berries even if the camera won't focus on them. Very festive.

    Thanks for joining in for bloom day!
    Carol, May Dreams Gardens

  4. That borage picture is surreally beautiful.